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#1 Gabrielle Olivencia

Gabrielle Olivencia
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Posted 15 March 2005 - 12:48 PM

I read a site where it said that you could go camping on the beach but didn't give much explanation. Can anyone tell me what it is like? Do you have to camp out next to trailers? Is the beach nice in the camping area? Do I have to call anyone ahead or do I just show up? Thanx!

#2 Guest_Dr. Raoul Ashpenov_*

Guest_Dr. Raoul Ashpenov_*
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Posted 15 March 2005 - 07:40 PM

There are 2 camgrounds, one closest to the central beach which just opened within the last couple of years, and one a few hundred meters further away, which has been operating for quite a while.

The one further away is on a quieter, nicer piece of beachfront. Neither of them require that you camp next to trailers. The original campground has nice sheltered platforms for pitching a tent under, and a decent little restaurant.

I don't think you should have any trouble getting a spot, except during Easter Week - Semana Santa. As far as reservations go - I have no idea. The only time you'd need one would be during Semana Santa and you'd would have needed to make it about 3 years ago.

#3 Cindy

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Posted 16 March 2005 - 09:12 AM

The campground next to Patrons, is nice also- its not loud by all means- nothing in Sayulita is loud, the beach is beautiful and you are within a minutes walk to town. They have palapas you can rent and camp under or you can camp on the sand, and they also have a great little place to get food also- the people who run it are wonderful and its safe- there are new bathrooms and showers and you will not be near any campers or trailers. I highly recommend it.

#4 Guest

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Posted 19 April 2005 - 10:46 AM

Cindy it sounds like you've never camped in Sayulita! You've prolly visited both places during the day and they do seem pretty tranquilo. And yes, the campsite next to Patron's DOES indeed have trailers, RVs and tents mixed spatially. The restaurant sucked and is now closed. As for the campground north of the river, well, it's typical MExi-camping; super nice family that runs it, sporadically clean facilities, lots of drugs and petty theft, and random bongo playing or loud musica 24/7. You can always just show up and get a tent space but if you stay there, WATCH YOUR STUFF! I know so many people who have been ripped off staying there, and there was a drug raid during Semana Santa...
If you're a single female, get a room.

#5 Guest

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Posted 21 April 2005 - 07:17 PM

just to let you know i have camped at the site next to Patron's and had no problems and i am a single female. lucas one of the people who run the place is great, and if you make friends or just talk to the campers they all look out for one another, also the trailers are in the front of the camp ground not near the beach- this is for tents- so i guess this is just based on opinion, i have also rented beautiful home in sayulita with friends- we had all three levels of the home and while we were at our pool which is below the home our friends in the middle unit were robbed, so you can be robbed anywhere-- my advise- go to sayulita and get a room or a campspot and be smart. lock up valubles and have fun.
patrons is a great place- chad on of the owners was more than hospitible to me and my friends- we had great food, great drinks and tony one of the staff is one of the nicest and a guy who can give you great tips on the area. go have fun and make sure you use this info as a guide, we all have different ideas of what is right, fun and safe. sayulita is safer than many places in the US if your a smart traveler. Enjoy---

#6 Guest

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Posted 21 April 2005 - 07:28 PM

If you look on this site it tells you that Patrons is owned by a few Canadian, a guy from Oregon and a few others - its not bad, if you like the beach, surfers, cheep drinks, pretty decent food and free shots of great tequila- I do not know about you but it sounds like a good place to chill to me- but if its not for you there are many other great places- Fish Taco-is great-El Bicho rocks and the TAMALE LADY is the best- she is the lovely local women with the wheel barrow who goes up the beach and sells the best Tamales for 70 cents--------For mole- I think Casa Sayulita is the best- I think that is the name of it....

#7 measd

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Posted 08 May 2005 - 10:29 AM

Does someone knows how it's cost to camp at this camping ( the one which is not closed ) and if i'm better to go anywhere else, could you give me best places and cost please.

#8 Guest

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Posted 14 July 2005 - 08:44 PM

cameron campsite north of the swamp near the beach is 40 peso's a night, i recommend the palapa's.

#9 Guest

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Posted 19 July 2005 - 12:44 PM

For those willing to brave the perilous half mile walk to town it is actually possible to car camp (dont know about tent camping) at Playa de los Muertos. I know a family that stayed there for a week no problems; after a week a few residents of the area started asking them what was up, how long are you planning to be here, etc. All one can add is that if you try it, please clean up every speck of trash and all other forms of waste that you might generate!!