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New to Sayulita...on making connections

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Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are thinking of relocating our family from Canada to Sayulita. Through this forum, I'm looking to form some connections within the community of locals or expats there. I'd love to be in touch and ask some questions.

We are highly interested in purchasing a house to live in and rent to tourists.  Does anyone have experience with this that could shed some light on the upsides and downsides of this opportunity? Also, have any families moved there and would like to share their experience with me in regards to the move, schooling, making new friends etc....Is the community open to new comers? Is it difficult to find employment? 


To whomever responds to this..thank you for taking the time to reach out and be open to making new friends in the process.





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Hola Jenna,

A lot of very important questions! Making a big life change is a huge decision and as with anything, there are always pro's and con's. 

My partner and I moved to Sayulita 2 years ago and last year, were part of the house hunting process and eventually purchased a house with his family in Sayulita and now operate as a vacation rental. Buying property in Mexico is definitely different from the US (I can't speak for Canada), however if you have a great team working with you and a knowledgable and reputable real estate agent, they can answer ALL your questions and will help you every step of the way. We all felt ver confident during the process knowing our Real Estate Agent had over 20 years of experience handling properties in Mexico. 
Here are some good resources to take a look at:

I don't have kids, however I know plenty of people who have made the move to Mexico and have enrolled their kids at the local private ECO School, CVIS. You can read a little bit of information on Costa Verde International School here:

My biggest suggestion is come out to Sayulita and stay for a season. Come out during the summer months, see if you can handle the major humidity and see what some things may come up for you being a potential homeowner during the hot summer months with tropical thunder and lightning storms. Enroll your kids into CVIS for a semester, network with parents and attend one of the many fundraisers non-profits and organizations hold throughout the year in Sayulita. As you'll soon learn, the community is VERY open to new comers and welcome those who come to Sayulita looking to make a positive impact on the community. 

If you have any questions or want any detail specific information, I'm happy to shoot you an email! 


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Thank you for all the great info you provided. The insight about doing a test-run for a semester was brilliant. Both my husband and I think that's a great plan. It would give us a chance to see/experience CVIS, the community, and the change in lifestyle. I would love to be in touch with you via email to ask you some more specific questions If you don't mind. My email address is Shoot me an email when you can. 


*sorry I didn't catch your name...



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Jenna,  I moved to Sayulita in 2002.  We bought our land and built after living in Mexico since 1994, we came by boat.   I payed for a friends granddaughter to attend CVIS.  Great school but expensive.  I think it was $5300 US, but that did include the uniforms.  Two years ago I started living in Quebec during the summers.  Nice to avoid the summers heat, but it is difficult to go back and forth.  Most people that have rentals do leave for the summer.  If you do that, you should not leave your house empty.  You can write me at   Barbara

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