Canadian Money at Mexican ATM's

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I'm wondering if anyone can post some feedback on ATM fees using a Canadian debit card at Mexican ATM.

I'm told the transaction will include converting your Canadian dollars to US dollars then to Mexican Peso's including any mark up on exchange rates. And then any transaction fees on top of that.

Could somebody share their experience here?

For example if you withdraw 4,000 Pesos from an ATM how many Canadian dollars were charged to your bank account. This would provide an accurate exchange rate.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

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I'm not Canadian nor do I have experience with this, but I would ask your bank provider what their rates are when it comes to using an international ATM. You should expect to experience:

- Conversion rate

-Exchange rate

-Transaction fee

-International fee depending on your bank

You'll get the best answer from your bank on what their policy is though. 

My suggestion: If you bring in cash, exchange for pesos when you buy something at the Mega before heading into town. From what I hear, the CAN exchange rate isn't the best, but this helps you by=pass transaction fees, etc. 

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If you by any chance bank at Scotiabank, there is a Scotiabank at the Mega in Bucerias (if you are coming from the airport by taxi, ask him to stop there before continuing on to Sayulita). You can use your Canadian Scotiabank card at the ATM there, no problem. Make sure you have whatever minimum balance you need in your account not to incur any ATM fees. And no, it doesn't first get converted to US dollars. I haven't had to withdraw from my Canadian account for quite awhile, so I can't tell you what exchange rate is current.

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