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Found 17 results

  1. Hi! I'm making my first trip to Sayulita a working holiday. I'll need accommodations with reliable internet/Wi-Fi for a 4-5 week stay starting June 22nd. Any recommendations for the perfect rental place for me? I'm hoping it's affordable and close to beach and not too far from the shops. Thanks!!
  2. Ola, We are a family of 4 (2 parents, 3 year old, and 4 month old baby), and are looking for a place to rent for January. We are crazy Canadians who are driving to Sayulita starting on Christmas and we don't have a place to stay yet!!! We would appreciate any advice or places available. Thank you! Sunny
  3. My husband and I are planning a trip to Sayulita at the end of December until Jan. 6 or so. We are quiet and clean and would prefer to be by the beach. We are looking to rent a room in a house or a quiet room close to the beach. We are modest people and don't need fancy. Anyone know of something? We would be happy to house sit as well. Muchos Gracias, Therese and Ron from northern BC!
  4. We live in Sayulita. Have just learned of family coming & needing accommodations Dec 27-29. Yikes! Anyone want to rent out for 2 nights? Gracias, Susan: 322-190-3841
  5. Hey there, We're seeking a rental from mid February till the end of March 2015. Here is a checklist of our requirements: - Sleeps 4-8 - Kitchen - Wifi - Close to the beach If you have something that meets our needs, message me details about your rental! Thanks. - Curt
  6. Hello, I'm going to be staying in Sayulita for two or three months at the beginning of 2015. I'll be looking for a one-bedroom apartment/casita/home. What can I expect to pay for rent per month (USD)? I guess things will be more expensive during the high season? Will it be easier to find something affordable once in Sayulita rather than over the internet?
  7. Hola! I am returning for a short visit Dec 30th-Jan12th. Looking for a quiet, relaxing place thats not TOO close to the action, but not a huge hike to get to beach. Would love a pool or oceanside, of course! Wi-fi is a bonus. I am a frequent renter, no smoking, no loudness, and super clean and polite. You can't find a better guest! 1 Bedroom min. 2 bedroom would be great in case my sister comes (unlikely, but still possible). Looking for moderate prices, please. And I am willing to bargain for cash payments, and even future bookings - I come down 3-4X a year. I welcome referrals to other owners as well! Thanks for taking a look and I hope you are having a great season so far! -Noelle
  8. (English/Espanol below/abajo) Hola Sayulita/San Pancho Framily Looking for a studio/1 bedroom - very basic, simple, practical. Bed, bathroom, kitchen (refridg, sink, hotplate at least), Wifi, washer would be nice, but don't need anything more. Quiet, peaceful. Could be with Mexican family/"landlord" Under $3000 for all included - gas, electric, water, washer and Wifi Near SayulitAnimals, AnimaLove or in San Pancho I don't have car so walking distance. Thanks For me and Bindi - 6 month old Service Dog. Can be in Sayulita/San Pancho in anytime between August and November...sooner is better than later. For long term - live all year round. Also can do work exchange - experienced professional Eco Home, Animal/Land/Garden Care Degree in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Living Professional Animal Care, Training, Veterinarian Assistant, Animal Specialist, Communicator, etc Published Multimedia Documentarian Bilingual - more about me on my website. Hola Sayulita / San Pancho Framily: D ¿Buscas un estudio / 1 dormitorio - muy básico, simple, práctico. Cama, baño, cocina (refridg, fregadero, placa de cocción por lo menos), Wifi, lavadora sería bueno, pero no se necesita nada más. Tranquilo, tranquilo. Podría ser con la familia / "arrendador" mexicana Menos de $ 3000 para todo incluido - gas, electricidad, agua, lavadora y Wifi Cerca SayulitAnimals, AnimaLove o en San Pancho Yo no tengo coche distancia para caminar. gracias Para mí y Bindi - Perro de servicio de 6 meses. Puede ser en Sayulita / San Pancho en cualquier momento entre agosto y noviembre de ... más pronto es mejor que después. Para largo plazo - vivir todo el año. También puede hacer intercambio de trabajo - experiencia profesional Eco Home, Animal / Tierra / Garden Care Licenciado en Cultura, Ecología y Vida Sustentable Profesional de la Salud Animal, Formación, Veterinario Asistente, Especialista Animal, Communicator, etc Publicado Multimedia documentalista Bilingüe - más sobre mí en mi sitio web. Also posted on Sayulita People - with picture of me Gracias, Kirsten Michel Ecology Productions
  9. Hello, I'm wondering if anybody can give recommendations for a 5 months stay in Sayulita or PV area. My wife and I are both in the late 40s and we like it spacious, private and quiet. Not so much the downtown action kind of people. We'll arrive in September 2014 and plan to stay for at least 5 months to see if we like it enough to make it a permanent residency. Here's our wish list: 2 to 3 bedrooms (we're only two people but we'd like to have friends over for a vacation), no children, no pets furnished modern fully equipped kitchen spacious open floor plan preferred outdoor BBQ area swimming pool close to the beach strong and stable internet access, very important We'd like to keep it under $1500 a month. Looking forward to see if anybody has recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello. We are a Calif. family of four with two surfing boys who attend CVIS in Sayulita. We are looking for a 2 bedroom home walking distance to town and the beach from Sept.2014-June 2015. Please contact me if you are interested in a nice family for long term tenants.
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a place to stay and work in Sayulita, I can do many things and I'm a Spanish and English speaker, I need the job to spend my living in Sayulita. For the accomodation I'm looking a room that includes a bathroom & kitchen, I don't have any trouble to share spaces. I visited Sayulita 1 year ago and I found the town amazing so now I want to live there for a period of time and embrace, live & taste the town. Thank you very much, This is my email for any questions/advice/news: Hyvää päivä, Sergio
  12. Visiting family in Sayulita Feb 5 - 23 2014 and need a place to stay. Willing to pay for whole month if the location/amenities/price are good. We'd like to stay somewhere close to, but preferably in town. We're willing to rent a room in your house with the use of your kitchen - as we plan on being out and about most of the time we're there; but if you have an affordable apartment we're open to that too! We're a quiet, 26 and 30 year old looking for a quiet place to stay whilst we visit family, surf, read on the beach, and eat yummy food. Reply with contact info/rates. Thanks! Kelly & Julien
  13. Is anyone aware of a business space to be rented that could accommodate a single massage therapist? I am a registered pequeno contribuyente, but I have no place to set up shop at the moment. I would prefer it to be in a location that is easily accessible and relatively easy to find. All I need is a room with access to a (CLEAN) bathroom and electrical outlets. I don't want to pay too much rent seeing as how it is low season right now. but I would certainly be willing to pay rent based on my income (i.e. pay %30 of my income to the landlord for rent). Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hello all Sayulita home owners, I am available for housesitting or apartment/casita rental immediately. I am a responsible, grounded, artistic, yogini looking to live in Sayulita for the next month (or longer). See my website and my facebook for more about me :-). I look forward to talking with you. Julia FB: Julia Beauchamp
  15. Greetings! My fiancé and I are looking for a long term (2 months) rental in Spring 2014. We are open to dates. A little about us: We live in Bend, Oregon and both work from home (wherever that may be). We are clean, responsible, and spend most of our time outside. We love to travel and Sayulita happens to be one of our favorite spots. We have 3 extremely smart, non-agressive and clean dogs with references. We do not currently have a budget in mind. If you have a home with at least 2 bedrooms and a yard with fencing please contact me via email,
  16. Anyone have information on staying in one of the apartments managed by Roberto? Thank you, Joan
  17. Looking for a two bedroom rental property for two young women. Hoping to find a place available in September but open to negotiation. Preferably a place that is open for 8 months but please contact me at if you have anything that might be of interest! Thanks