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  1. We just returned from a wonderful vacation in Sayulita. While there, we purchased a reproduction of a painting on canvas from a gallery on Revolucion. Unfortunately we lost it the next day while at the PV airport. We would love to contact the gallery to purchase another one, but we just can't remember the name of the gallery/gift shop. I can describe the location, so I'm hoping somebody can help us. Here goes: Picture walking across bridge as you're going into town (while standing on the left hand side of the bridge), and then go across the street that comes right after the bridge, and then on the left corner, just before you would continue heading up Revolucion into town, there is a gallery/gift shop. I believe it has a blue awning that says "Boutique" on it, and a raised concrete area outside of the gallery where the artist was sitting the day we bought the painting. (He also sells his originals inside the gallery). We actually met the artist, a Mexican gentleman whose last name starts with an X, as he was selling his reproductions that day. The woman working in the gallery was a very nice American ex-pat who has lived in Sayulita for 20 years. Anyway, if anybody knows the name of the gallery (and even better yet, can pass along any contact info.), we would REALLY, REALLY appreciate it. We loved the painting and desperately want to try to purchase another one. Thanks to anybody who can help!