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Found 6 results

  1. We are two families hoping to spend the final leg of our Mexican adventure next December in beautiful Sayulita. Dates are Dec 26- Jan 2. ideally, we are looking for a clean, spacious rental that has 3-4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, well-equipped kitchen and a kid-friendly pool. Bonus points for maid service and walking distance to beach and town. Looking at $350USD/night but our budget is flexible for the right place. Thank you for any guidance or recommendations!
  2. SOL Y MAR ECO-CAMP in Mayto, Costa Alegre, Jalisco Sunday, July 31st to Saturday, August 6th 2016-06-25 This summer send your kids to a camp experience that they will love at our ranch on the sea. Here at SOL Y MAR ECO-CAMP, your child will have the opportunity to get to know our ranch animals, plant seeds in our garden, visit baby turtles at Mayto’s turtle camp, and participate in many other activities such as circus, cooking, arts and crafts and campfires on the beach. For more information about our camp, the activities we offer, where we are located, our counselors and our costs, please visit our webpage at: Or on Facebook at: Or write us at: : Thanks!
  3. Hello, does anyone have any suggestions for a vacation rental in Sayulita that is family-friendly with a pool, walking distance to beach and town? Dates are next February during the President's Day week, 2016--approximately 10 days? We would love to find a home that is 2-3 bedroom, family room/kitchen that opens up to pool, some garden/lawn space? G. Marie
  4. My family and I will be visiting Sayulita for one month in January-February. I am eager to have my 4.5 year old son learn Spanish with someone who knows how to teach children. The Costa Verde instructor for children will not be available at that time. Please let me know if you have any ideas! Thank you!
  5. I will be staying in Sayulita for the entire month of July and I am looking for day camps for my children (ages 10 and 12) so that they can have a spanish immersion experience while also having fun. They already are fluent in comprehension and need some brushing up on their verbal skills. I'm looking for a camp where the instruction is in spanish and at least some of the kids are mexican. Has anybody had any experience with something like this? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. This is my first time posting anything here and I am excited just to be on this site! My husband, my two kids (8 and 10) and I are planning a year sabbatical stay in Sayulita starting in August. Our goal as Californians is to learn Spanish and become familiar with our neighboring country, Mexico, and its people. Sayulita seems like a very unique place to spend a year and Casa Verde school sounds like just the kind of educational experience I would wish for my children. Our biggest hurdle right now is housing- both finding renters here in CA and trying to find something that someone would want to rent out for a year in Sayulita. My husband works at the university and I am an elementary teacher/artist who is currently home with my kids and subbing on occassion. While we are "professionals," our salaries are definitely middle class here in California. Are there any homes for rent for a family of four and a small, well-behaved Pug that are $1500 or less per month? We could maybe afford a bit more, but paying for private school is already stretching our budget. We are committed to this experience and want to do it even if it is hard financially, but I will admit it is discouraging looking for a rental. Most everything I see is over $2,000 per month and only available for short-term rental. (I suppose there must be more money in short term rentals.) What we can offer to a homeowner is a thoughtful family of four who will take good care of your property and are able to do upkeep ourselves (basic housekeeping/yard work). We will be respectful neighbors and renters and will do whatever we can to maintan your investment carefully. From this forum, I am wondering: Do you think there is something in Sayulita for a middle-class family who wants to live there for a year? Or is Sayulita real estate primarily geared towards vacationers with bigger budgets? Would it best for us to rent a property for one month and then try to find something within our budget? Or is that risky? Thank you very much for ANY help or advice you can send my way.