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  1. Does anyone know the name of the Lawyer who helped Save Sayulitla with the Villa Amor problem? Thanks,
  2. Does anyone know of a person who will take photos and/or videos of a house in Sayulita? Thanks!
  3. Megan Wrote: We had a great great time at Cacion del Mar - just a wonderful experience. Sayulita is such a beautiful little town - and April is definitely a great time to go b/c it never got too hot... Everyone involved w/ the house were wonderful as well... THANKS again for everything and i'm sure we'll get a lot of requests for info based on the photos we took Have a great summer! Megan
  4. Does anyone have the name of a Notary Public that they recommend? Thanks
  5. Hello, Does anyone know where to take art to get it framed? In PV or closer? Thank You!!
  6. Does anyone know of a cook we could hire to cook simple Mexican meals for us in Sayulita, including grocery shopping? Any info is appreciated!
  7. Thank you, I'll let you know if I get other reccomendations. I went to Tonala outside of Guadalajara for other furniture, but don't want to go that far this time! Thanks,
  8. Hello, does anyone know of a store or a town that sells sturdy dining room chairs? I would like to purchase some, but don't want to travel to Guadalajara or pay PV tourist prices. Any suggesstions would be appreciated.