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  1. Arath is a good plumber (521-322-107-0634). He does water pressure systems and puts guarantees on his work, But like mentioned above if it is a non-pressure system and you are adding pressure you might have to upgrade most of the system. Good Luck!
  2. Just depends how many people are on the bus. If there are not many people you can just take an extra seat for your luggage. If it is crowded you will figure it out. I have never had a problem even during Xmas.
  3. Over Christmas the Economy rental car company quoted us 9 dollars a day on orbitz and then tried to charge us 50 usd on top of that for insurance. They got us with the old bait and switch. I know this happens a lot but this company up-charged me more than any of the other companies and I have used many of them. I refused to do that so we went outside of their store front and found a taxi for 600 and tipped 200. My wife's parents were with us but if not we would have taken the bus. I love the bus. It is a good way to show up in town. As someone said above: 800 pesos is like 40 usd and gas is expensive.
  4. I am trying to get my car permiso online. It says you need to get an tourist preauthorization. I sends you to a site that is all in Spanish and my Spanish is not that strong. Is there a English translated site to use or do I need someone to translate for me?
  5. this is the original site and bellow is the one it send you to
  6. Does anyone know the website where I can get my 6 month car permiso mailed to me ahead of time. How far in advance do I need to send the info in?
  7. sorry I asked this before but I need to know the website.
  8. weak! we bought some great furniture from there for cheap
  9. Go to Detaglio in PV It is Mexican Ikea. If you wait they have great sales
  10. Has anyone driven the new Durango to Mazatlan road. I drove the devils back years ago but I am wondering what the new road is like? (toll cost, cool views?) Does it really only take 2 hours?
  11. Bank of America and Santandar is the same company. If you have a B of A ATM card it is free withdrawals. There might even be more benefits but I have not looked into it to closely.
  12. Has anyone ever signed up for the car permiso before your trip and had it fedexd to your home. How long does it take? Was it easier than getting it at the boarder? Chris
  13. So when you get the sticker. All you have to do is stop by at the boarder to get your tourist visa?
  14. Chilli Willies is the best. Right near the river and water treatment plant. Their whole menu is so good. Tacos, tostadas, and plates rule!
  15. Now i can leave my car at pemex when i go surfing at La Lancha and it wont get broken into!
  16. Are window was 70 us dollars and he threw in a lug wrench for free because we lost ours. The window was dirty but like new. It was worth the trip. Abel put it in for 100 pesos but it was the driver side window which is easy. I dont know if Abel could put in windows with seals but if he cant he will show you someone who can. Good luck!
  17. Los Hermanos, take 200 to PV right before Home Depot there is a uturn back to sayulita. right after the uturn cross the hyw and make your fist right(this will take you behind the Home Depot). Drive for like a mile or two and you will see Los Hermanos on the left and the collage on the right. Go to Abel in San Igntio and he has the phone # to Los Hermanos. You can call and they can tell you if they have the window. Los Hermanos is very organized and they have everything on computer i think. Like I said the gringo owner is a cool guy and very helpful.
  18. Go to los Hermanos in PV. It is behind Home Depot. Across the street from the collage. It is a gringo owned junk yard with so much stuff. The guy is a surfer a super cool. We bought a window for a 96 toyota previa for 70 us dollars. It is an awsome place to just visit!
  19. conclay are fast little critters and scarry looking!
  20. I have had some great meals there. The owners are awsome, warm and welcoming!
  21. Eat at "Cafe Sayulita" for dinner and "Chilli Willies" for lunch. So tasty cant wait!
  22. I try to use bottled water to brush my teeth just to be safe. In my personal experiance (10 years of living in mexico for the summer). I think the easiest way to get sick is to get dehydrated. When you dehydrate your system is weak and it is easy to get the bug. Drink twice as much bottled water than you think you should and you will be much stronger. It has worked for me. I also take care in what i am drinking and eating but it just seems everytime I get sick is when I slip on being hydrated. Good luck!
  23. I know Oscar he is a great cook!
  24. If you are a weekly renter there are many places to go where there is not so much noise in Sayulita. Certain casas that face away from the bars dont pick up all the noise. If you are full time and dont like the noise maybe behind gringo hill or San Pancho is for you. We have a house in Sayulita and the way it is angled you can hear a pin drop on Friday night at 10 pm. Just need to find the right spot