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  1. Thanks for letting us know about this Kalle. At the time we actually created the page, all surf schools were listed. We have updated the text on the page and look forward to any other updates and/or edits you bring to our attention.
  2. Jungle Hair Design is the best salon in Sayulita in my opinion!
  3. Used him last week to install a submersible pump. Paul found me a used one for 1/2 what a new one would cost. Installed the same day. Double thumbs up
  4. Silver Crocodiles and 4-5" white/blue Rapalas
  5. Believe it or not, Walmart has a decent selection
  6. Paid Sayulita writing positions available. Share your love of Sayulita with a paid writing position. Our weekly newsletter (7,600+ subscribers) is getting ready to grow and we are looking for two additional experienced contributors to write about the Sayulita's current events, issues and other aspects of life in our beautiful village. El Sayulero is published every Friday and is a source of positive energy and good vibes for the village of Sayulita. If interested, please email us at "info (at) elsayulero.com" or give a call to 322-152-5739
  7. Job offer with Sayulita Magazine: We have 1-2 temporary sales positions open for the upcoming issue. Position(s) require knowledge of local area, businesses and people. Excellent compensation. Please email sales@sayulitamag.com for more information.
  8. .... walk around with jaded eyes and retrieve what they want to reinforce their jaded premise.......well, I could eat at Don Pedros ( a really "white" restaurant) for a month..... Seriously? As a frequent visitor to Don Pedro's in addition to almost all other Sayulita restaurants let me assure you that your statement could not be farther from the truth. A "white" restaurant? I think you owe Damien, Nick and their staff an apology. Ian
  9. I do a lot of fishing out of Sayulita in my kayaks. Let me know if you are interested. ian (at) sayulitalife.com
  10. No, sorry. If you want a free one, you need to contact me personally or Lindsay (lindsay@sayulitalife.com) and we will personally put them on your car. We do this to make sure they are correctly applied and will not fall off after the first rain.
  11. Yes, you can get them here: http://www.sayulitalife.com/revolucion-del-sueno MORE SayulitaLife.com DECAL INFORMATION Thanks so much for your interest in acquiring our SayulitaLife.com die-cut decals. We have the stickers created from high-quality 3M products so they should last quite a while even when exposed to the elements. Each sticker costs us around $6 USD. We give the decals away for free if the car is "living" here in Sayulita. For "to go" stickers, we only charge $10 USD per decal plus shipping. Of this we donate 100% percent (the entire $10) to the Sayulita Spay and Neuter clinic. Decal application instructions follow below. ----DECAL APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS--- 1. Choose area on outside of car window. (Make sure rear wiper will not scrape decal) 2. Thoroughly clean glass with Windex. 3. Allow to dry for at least 5-10 minutes. 4. Hold decal to area and make sure decal is level. (Match up the first "S" and last "e") 5. Peel off back of sticker. 6. Apply to window. 7. Use back sticker peel to thoroughly press down on all areas of decal. 8. Carefully peel (do not pull) off the front side decal tape. 9. Repeat #7 Get stickers at Revolucion Del Sueno in Sayulita: http://www.sayulitalife.com/revolucion-del-sueno
  12. What type of work are you looking for?
  13. The Big Day! Make sure to stop by the Farmers' Market to meet the staff and get your for free copy of the first ever full-color full-glossy Revista Sayulita Magazine!