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  1. Every February is the town fair called "Sayulita Days". There are fair rides, taco stands, flea markets and a dance held the week leading up to February 24th which is Flag Day. I hope this helps you with making your upcoming reservations.
  2. Flor Mimo or Flora Amor are both very good. They will also deliver.
  3. Try Riki:
  4. Have you tried contacting Painted Ponies directly through their web page listing on SayulitaLife for prices?
  5. Sayulita was named one of the World's Top Stand Up Paddleboarding destinations by More on SUP in sayulita:
  6. Excitement comes in funny ways in Sayulita. Today’s news is about a family of iguanas who live very close to us. These iguanas are especially fond of a very big cactus in a very large pot right next to our casita. The plant gets lots of sun and is now like a big green sculpture. I love looking at it. So do our iguanas. They take is one step further; they eat the young shoots coming out on top. Bambi is not happy about this trimming. It looks exactly like some animal had been gnawing big bites out of it. The word ugly comes to mind. So, she placed a large piece of black netting over the plant, since we thought they were coming down from the roof. Not exactly. We saw one climbing up the pot from the ground. This aroused Bambi to action. She shoved a stick at it and yelled imprecations. This surprised the iguana (wouldn’t you be surprised?) and it climbed up into the net and became entangled. Bambi now turned her attention to me and asked me to do something about it, pronto. I was resting comfortably on a chaise, but I sprung into action. Better to deal with a live iguana than a dead one, I always say. After moving the net and further prodding the iguana, it escaped to chew the cactus another day. Bambi asked me if I thought the iguana would have learned a lesson. I doubt it. -Ed
  7. Everything in Mexico seems to be more dramatic. The colors are brighter, the music is louder, the people speak faster and the food is spicier. And to underscore the point, my haircut today was very dramatic. I had an appointment with my barber, a pretty young woman named Marta, whose shop is El Corte. I arrived early and saw a professorial-looking American senior getting the finishing touches. He spoke a few words in Spanish, paid, walked out and I took the chair. Generally, the salon has a lot going on. Music. Two kids playing on the floor, or Marta talking a mile a minute on her i-Phone or with friends in the salon. But, today, only phone talk. I just had settled in when the professorial gentleman came back, very agitated. He has lost in sunglasses. So Marta put down her scissors, I got out of the chair and we all started to look around. No glasses. I resumed my place in the chair and Marta resumed my haircut. Five minutes later, back he came. This time, we sensed urgency, so Marta put down her scissors, I got out of the chair, and we looked longer, harder and more intensely. I even looked in my pockets, just in case. No. No luck. Five more minutes, he came back again. Same drill, only we went everywhere—the bathroom, under the cushions, under the magazines, under the chairs. Nothing. And, to put a cap on it, I kid you not, he came back a fourth time! The fourth time had me a bit spooked, I confess. I felt sorry for the guy, but I guarantee there were no lost glasses within 50 yards of the barbershop. As Marta finished my protracted hair cut, I had a great idea. What about a reality TV show based on what I had been through? After all, there is a TV series now on repossessing cars, one on abandoned storage lockers, one on killing wild boars and one called “Transportation Wars.” Why not “Barber Shops of Mexico?” Every barber shop in Mexico must have its own riveting story. Does anyone know an agent?
  8. Sometimes I kid about the dogs, dust and music in Sayulita, but what makes this town great is the beach and ocean, as in yesterday. The weather was hot and sunny, but the beachfront had some nice breezes wafting in. The waves were medium-gentle and the water temperature was a perfect 79 degrees. Just walk right in without too much wincing and, once in, one could just drift along with the waves or do a little swimming around. And that we did. The water was so clear one could see tiny flecks of golden mica and fish swimming around one’s feet. The water was so clear and shallow that it was only shoulder high at about 50 yards out and there wasn’t a rock on the soft, sandy floor to hurt the feet. And, not a cloud or crowd in sight. It was mother’s day down here. Maybe everyone was at brunch.
  9. La Patrona Polo Club Saturday, matches begin at 5:00P.M. The restaurant is open from Tuesday - Friday 5:00P.M to 10:00P.M. Visit:
  10. Yes, the bridge is complete now. Brand new, wider than before and open to traffic!
  11. There will be a garbage clean-up in San Ignacio today, August 8th at 6 PM. Clean-up includes the San Ignacio town and along the river bed. Local children will be there to participate as well.
  12. Baseball field has been filled with soil during the dry season but it's wet again now during the rainy season.
  13. Sayulita was ranked among the top five safe Mexican escapes. If you haven't already taken a look at the article, you can find it on Here is the link:
  14. Check out this interesting link:
  15. I will take a new batch of stickers to Revolucion del Sueno this morning so you can pick one up before you leave. I didn't know they were all out, thank you. -Lindsay