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  1. I've seen the rumour of 10,000 extra people in town over New Year's so many times it looks like it's becoming fact. There is no possible, physical way that 10,000 extra people could fit into Sayulita. I think what someone may have heard a week or so ago was that there were about 10,000 people in Sayulita, which has a base population of around 4,000. So yes, that's a lot more people but it's a totally different story. I own a rental property here and I live here. Some swim in the ocean, some surf, some don't. In the last 2 weeks, we had one couple get sick for one day. I had "the runs" for a morning, my partner for a couple of days. Haven't been in the ocean for over a year, because we prefer our pool. You say the "local surfers seem to know about the problem" but it sure hasn't stopped them surfing every single day, all day. Why would that be?
  2. I haven't stayed there as we live just a few doors away, but friends have and it's beautiful. Very well-maintained with a lovely pool and garden. Our friends return yearly so that's a good referral right there. I'm sure you'd love it.
  3. There's really no other concern that would interfere with your vacation. If you think you can deal with the bar noise, then you'll be fine. Mi Otra Casa is a really beautiful home and has so much to offer. And certainly, it's secure and you won't have to worry about security.
  4. I wouldn't recommend Mi Otra Casa. It's a beautiful house, don't get me wrong, but it's immediately above the plaza and can be very loud when a band starts playing around 9:30-10:00pm. Very hard for people to sleep. Or talk. Have a look on under rentals. I'm sure you'll find something there.
  5. Here is a post from the same thread from somebody else who lives here. I do understand that you're upset that you got sick while on vacation but please understand that there are many, many reasons why people get sick. Airplanes are the number 1 carrier of germs while travelling. As the previous poster mentioned, eating raw oysters on the beach here is another reason, leading to similar symptoms to those you described. People wash their hands before eating but do they dry them properly? Can you be certain no bug was picked up on your flight down? I had the same illness you described and haven't been in the ocean for 2 years. (again I say, personal preference - I like my pool). Our maid was sick. My partner got sick. Same symptoms, same story. These people don't go in the ocean. As far as we're all concerned (people who live here in Sayulita), this was a bad flu that has lingered through the winter. I don't like when people cherry-pick posts from other threads (just like I'm doing here) because they never tell the whole story. But here's the post I mentioned earlier from the same thread you mentioned earlier: by Johan ยป Thu Feb 05, 2015 5:32 pm I have not heard of anyone coming down with anything that could be attributed to the ocean water. Lots of flu, real bad flu. I swim often.
  6. Why do you refuse to believe the water quality test results that have been posted? I live here, I have a guest house and have had about 300 people staying here in the last 8 months or so. Most of these people have gone in the ocean and not one of them got sick. Not one. It's people who refuse to believe science, who listen to and believe gossip, who damage this town.
  7. I own a guest house here in Sayulita, open year-round. We've had about 300 people stay with us over the last 8 months. Of those 300 people, not one person has got sick. Not one person. Almost without exception, these 300 people went in the ocean several times. I had symptoms similar to what has been described above, back in November. A bit of vomiting the first night, total body fatigue for a couple of days. I haven't been in the ocean for 2 years. I prefer my pool as I'm not a strong swimmer. The sickness that I had, which matches the flu (or whatever it was) that other people have got here this past winter, obviously did not come from the ocean, the river, or the water treatment plant.
  8. Does it matter to you if it's not a stand-alone house but one of three rental units in one house? I have a spacious one-bedroom available for those dates. The house in on Gringo Hill, not too far up so not a long walk, but facing up the coast rather than overlooking the plaza, so it's quiet. Here's a link to the house, and the one-bedroom unit is called Amixtli: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch through the website.
  9. I was at Mega yesterday and they were selling large ones for about $165pesos and small ones for, I think, $80pesos. I should have written down the prices but they're about right.
  10. I can highly recommend taking a day, or two, to see San Sebastien del Oeste. It's about a 2-3 hour drive from Sayulita, very historic former silver-mining town. Not much to do but wander but it's beautiful. Great museum, if there's a small group of you (it's privately owned, so she will only take small groups, not individuals). Couple of good little restaurants, shops. Very charming, great for photos.
  11. One of our favourite restaurants is Fonda San Miguel. Wonderful atmosphere in an ex-convento. Also check out Los Tianguis in a former orphanage. There is so much to see and do, the list is endless. Enjoy walking around as much as you can, and stay somewhere central.
  12. Sayulita magazine is the one started by Ian and Kerry Hodge a couple of years ago. It was bought by Webb Young last summer (?) and his first issue came out in January of this year. I'm not sure how often it's going to be published. Once a year, I think.
  13. Monchi's, on the plaza. Best by far (in my opinion!) And excellent fries and onion rings. And there's also Sayulita Public House, on the river, just up from the ocean (don't you love directions here??)
  14. The tree is a guamuchil. It's the favourite type of tree for iguanas, as far as I know. The restaurant that used to be where you're talking about, formerly owned by a Torontonian, was called Iguana Azul (also known as The Blue Iguana). It closed about a year ago and what's there now is part of Stand Up Paddle Mexico. There's a bar/restaurant in the back garden and, we've heard, they serve the best margaritas in town. I hope this helps.
  15. I arrived today with my dog, who was brought into Mexico as "pet in cabin", as opposed to pet in cargo. Before coming down, we went to our vet in Canada, who gave the dog the required shots, then took the "bill of good health" to the appropriate Canadian gov't office, and then brought him down on the plane. This was all done within a week of flying down. At Puerto Vallarta airport we went to the specific office for bringing in pets by plane. It's located between Immigration and Customs, on the left as you're heading toward picking up your luggage. The official dealing with the public was excellent; she got our papers, gently examined the dog, and gave us a form to hand in when we went through Customs. It couldn't have been easier.