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  1. Here is a link for a song written about Sayulita. Click link to play or right-click and select "Save link as..." to download. http://sayulitalife.com/misc-files/sayulita-song.mp3 Sayulita Song Oh Sayulita, mi senorita. Te encanta cantar. You came to me in an afternoon dream, and the sky on fire. Your dark body sways, commanding the music to start. Enchanted by passion, your song casts a spell in the twilight. The cool evening air cannot quench the fire in my heart. The days melt away and the evening, I pray, will go on and on. Into the hours when only your voice fills the night. “Te amo,” I plead, as your song goes higher and higher. But in your dark eyes there burns an unreachable light. I know not whether the future can ever release my love. For now I know clearly, your song was never for me. The flame in your heart…I see now that no man can own it. El canto del mar…you only can sing to the sea. One of my favorite get-aways is a small fishing village in Mexico with soft sand, warm surf, hot music, flaming sunsets, and beautiful, friendly people. I asked one of my local friends how the town got its name, Sayulita. He told me it was just a name…a name for a woman, but no specific woman. I was inspired to write a love song to Sayulita. She may or may not really exist, but my image of her beauty and passion blend with the sensuality of the town as she sings her song of love. Gracias to Debbie Brooks for conjuring forth the mysterious and passionate song of Sayulita. Written and sung by Smitty West Sayulita Vocals Debbie Brooks Guitars, Bass, Percussion Scott Luedke Drums Larry Aberman Electric Piano Scott Smith Produced, Recorded and Mixed Scott Luedke Sayulita Written and performed by Smitty West www.myspace.com/smettywest smittywest@sbcglobal.net With permission from Euterpe Music Company, Ojai, CA All rights reserved
  2. Yep, saw two crabs this morning. They still seemed to be in a daze.
  3. Gracias Joe. One of the many goals of the Sayulero was to bring the foreign and local communities closer together. Your input is always welcome. Saludos,
  4. Hey Joe... Thanks for reading and commenting. The Sayulero is a bit of work on our part but it has gotten great responses from both the local Mexican AND extranjero communities. Feel free to forward us any newsworthy items and keep reading!
  5. Sorry folks, this came out today and was too late to get into Thursday's Sayulero. Enjoy the read. http://www.usatoday.com/travel/destination...a-nayarit_N.htm Link to USA Today article
  6. Check out the full story here: http://www.sayulitalife.com/sayulitanews.htm
  7. On Thursday morning early arrivals to Playa Los Muertos found the remains of a catamaran that had crashed into rocks in the south side of Muertos Beach in Sayulita during the previous night. The boat, named “Sayula I,” was owned and captained by Darrin Roth and was used to sail tourist trips out of Sayulita. Sayulita I was moored in front of Muertos Beach the night before. However, the waves during the night were much stronger than expected and broke both of the anchor lines. The boat was a total loss and was completely destroyed one the rocks. Locals and tourists pitched in to assist with whatever salvage was possible. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. En la mañana de ayer fue encontrado un barco que se estrelló en las rocas del lado izquierdo de Playa Los Muertos en Sayulita. El barco llamado Sayula I, usado para viajes turísticos, estaba amarrado enfrente a la playa la noche anterior. Pero las olas fueron realmente más fuertes esa noche y lo desamarraron. El dueño del barco lo encontró a la mañana siguiente completamente destrozado en las rocas. Gente del pueblo y turistas se acercaron a observar el desastre y los restos del Sayula I y ayudaron a sacar las pocas cosas a salvo que quedaron. El poder del Océano Pacífico se dejó ver. El dueño del barco perdió un montón de cosas materiales y dinero en una sola noche. Pero lo bueno es que nadie estaba allí ni salió herido.