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  1. Yes, working on it. Not an inexpensive or non-technical issue to deal with. Hopefully will be fixed this week
  2. Sayuparke has almost reached its goal of $10,000 USD to build a real public playground. Let's finish this off today so they can get started. will match any and all contributions until they hit $10K. Please make a donation via their website and then reply here to this thread. If you want your amount to be anonymous, just PM us. Please, if 10 folks pledge only $50 USD each, this park starts to become a reality TODAY. Let's do it! Animo!
  3. You can read the article and many others here:
  4. Justin Henderson (Sayulita Resident) needs type O Negative blood. The blood reception location is in San Javier Hospital in Puerto Vallarta. If you can, please go to the hospital and donate ASAP in the name of Justin Henderson. Thank you.
  5. Just letting everyone know that Sayulita florists are listed on
  6. Sorry about that. Yes, someone was able to breach all of our SPAM defenses but we caught them soon enough and banned them from the forum. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  7. Paul is an excellent Sayulita plumber and electrician
  8. Though Nestor's death was a very unfortunate incident that saddened many in Sayulita, it should be noted that a disgruntled co-worker was ultimately held responsible for this horrible act.
  9. Is this still occurring?
  10. Update from ATM owners: Ian- Good morning. We wanted to send you some photos of the card-readers in our machines. Although we also have internal protection from cloning, this external protection has been most beneficial recently and we are hoping this will create an overall deterrent. We have attached plexiglass card covers on each reader. If you are unfamiliar with how the skimmer works, I will explain briefly. They basically have a device that looks exactly like a card reader which they place over the top of the existing card reader (like a boot) and to the untrained eye, one would never know the difference. When a card slides through, the data is captured on a memory device and the transaction processes as normal. What our plexiglass installation does, is create a size difference, so that the skimmer could never fit over the card reader. We created a demonstration for you in the next two photos. In the second photo attached you can see that even if tampered with, these plexiglass covers cannot be removed in a manner that would allow a skimmer to fit. And finally, in the third photo, you can see that even if a plexigass cover gets ripped all the way off, the screws remaining (whose heads have been stripped so that they cannot be unscrewed) still provide the deterrent. We have installed these card covers on all 48 of our machines. And even still, we also have security and technical staff that visit each ATM twice per day from Mismaloya to Sayulita. We would like for everyone to be aware of what to look for and certainly, if any card reader looks damaged or scratched or tampered, it is best not to use a machine and to contact the provider. We applaud your efforts to educate your community and hopefully together we can provide safe ATM satisfaction. Thank you, Jae
  11. From a recent visitor: Unfortunately we were running low on pesos, so I had to use an ATM. Went to the one in a little room located next to the Tequila Bar on the river... My habit now is to jiggle the area where you insert the card, and this one felt a little loose, so i pulled this skimming device right off the machine.
  12. From the owner of a few ATMs in Sayulita: Hello Ian, The prosecutor in the case told me that to really get them locked up for a long time, we need proof a fraud was committed… are you willing to talk with the prosecutor, and provide the evidence of the fraud, if he will take the time to pursue it? It would be a great help to everyone else down here, and it will show these clowns that if they continue this crime, they are looking at 7-10 year prison sentences when they are caught. Please think about it, and get back to meJ Dean Regehr Cashola Atm 322-183-3384
  13. And more.... This is the one from today. This is the same incident, different article from different paper.
  14. Here is some more information provided by the owner of the ATMs: Hello Ian, Here is a link for you to out up on the website;“clonadores”-de-tarjetas-bancarias/?z_ad8eb2b0f40c11e0be500800200c9a66=1331742858 there has been a huge increase in attempted Atm/Pos fraud in Banderas bay. There is a band of Romanians here, and they are very good at what they do. We set up a sting almost two weeks ago, and caught these two guys. They came into mexico via Canada and the USA. They are currently in Tepic, and im told it will be over a year until there case is heard. They were caught by our private security, and we later found there car, had the police open it, and found about 30 fake POS terminals, and over 100 fake credit cards… Monday, we were successful in catching another Romanian, and he is currently in Jail in Puerto Vallarta. As for what is going on now in Sayulita, We have had a full time night guard out there for over 2 years now, just to watch the atms. Unfortunately Bansi/Cardtronics does not really take this that serious. The two atms this lady had problems with are both Bansi/Cardtronics driven… We have installed anti skimming hardware and software on our Atms. It advises us asap if someone has a magnetic cardreader witin a metre of the Atm, and it sends out an electro-magnetic pulse to erase the memory chip..the bad part is that it is very expensive, and the end result is that the costs must be passed on to the end consumer… I will send you a few photos of what the skimmers look like, the inside parts, etc Again, I have always said that I stand behind my Atms 100% if anyone ever gets skimmed, I will look after them…for sure!
  15. From a recent visitor: I wanted to post a warning to locals and visitors of Sayulita. (I tried to post a message on the forum but had difficulties registering). We recently returned from a ten day trip there and were notified by our banks that there were several unauthorized ATM transactions made in Mexico totaling about $1500.00, approximately three weeks after we returned home. The banks stated that the thieves possibly used some sort of a card reader to obtain our debit card numbers as well as pins. We only used the ATM at the OXXO station and the ATM on the street just left of the Calypso restaurant heading toward the beach. We felt it necessary to get the word out and encourage all to use caution when withdrawing cash. The banks also stated there may have been hidden cameras and suggested to cover the screen when using the ATMs. Hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.