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  1. Hello. I appreciate your response, thank you! I do know I need a work visa in order to legally work. The reason why I'm reaching out on here is because I'm researching this in all different ways; many times, asking people who have made this same move are the best ones to ask, which is why I thought people on this site would be helpful. If you wanted to move to Chicago or Arizona, I'm more than happy to help you out as best as I can. Please know I do respect the country and the people and by saying 'willing to try and learn' means I literally will try my best to learn but I am American and have spoken English my entire life and I still have a lot to learn about my own language. Thank you again for your time, much appreciated.
  2. I do know the wage structure and I do know it's illegal to work unless you have a work visa. I don't understand the sarcasm built into your responses to a person trying to research and ask people who are familiar with the area.
  3. You did read where I said I'm open to any job? But thanks for the amazing help, my friend.
  4. Hi All! My husband and I have our hearts set on moving to Sayulita or the surrounding area within the next year. I am currently a corporate finance worker in Chicago (going on 17 years now) but am also a yoga teacher and have a lengthy background in restaurants. I'm not bilingual but am willing to try and learn and am open to nearly any jobs available. If there are any resources or other information/help you can provide, I would so greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much! Kari