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  1. What do you need? I'll be coming down next weekend.
  2. We plan on being owners in Sayulita in the very near future and from what I have seen, most homes do not have Water Filtration and rely on gravity fed systems. Does anyone know if there is a local plumber or water contractor that specializes in something like this? Ideally, I would be looking to pressurize the system to 60-70psi and add a filtration system to it to make the water drinkable from the tap. Has anyone done this and if so, what are you experiences?
  3. I've been coming to Sayulita for a while now and have only been sick once. And I attribute that to the FLU that I might have picked up stateside before I flew down. However, we did bring down a group of 8 friends for New Years 2016 and just about all of them spent the better part of their vacation in the house sick. I think that its probably a combination of everything that everyone here has been talking about: - The "polluted" river flowing into the ocean that everyone is surfing in - Overpopulation in a very small place - Poor food preparation and disposal - Animals defecating in the streets - People's immune systems failing due to excess booze, lack of hydration, sleep, etc. So all that being said, its nice to see that the town locals are working on resolving the water treatment issues and have already tackled the river crossing concern. But in the end, this is a small village in Mexico and will never be a suburban town in Orange County where everything is sterile and clean. That would take away from the place itself. Like SayuSoul said, if you want to stay healthy when down here, take care of yourself and don't do anything stupid. The longer you stay, the better you will be because your body will acclimate to the bacteria, etc. And like I always tell my daughter: hydration and sleep are your friends. The more you get, the healthier you will be.
  4. I ran into the same questions when I last was there and had the opportunity to rent both so that I could make my own conclusions. Personally, I like the look of the lifted carts and thought that they only came in gas, but quickly learned that they come in electric as well. Personally, I preferred the electric carts. They are quicker, have more torque and are obviously quieter than the gas ones. And they will go pretty much anywhere you want in town. Just make sure that you charge it every night and you will be fine. We never ran out of power and enjoyed ourselves. There are many shops in town that rent the carts, although I am not sure what the current situation is with the carts.