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  1. I remember going during the aftermath before and enjoyed it. It was my second time going, been there 9 times throughout the years. Of course it is always a great time to go, but this trip I'm looking for a relaxing time Ive seen through pictures the growth and updates to the town. Cant wait to see old friends. Thanks for everyones help.
  2. Very well aware of Sayulitas growth and popularity now but I am trying to avoid the Semana Santa crowds. I've been there once when it was a little too busy for my taste. I enjoyed the people but I didnt enjoy the dirty beaches. I googled the dates and it looks like I am going after but wanted to verify with someone on here. I could easily FB message a local friend there but I am trying to surprise
  3. Thanks Bob for your reply. Will the crowds still be around in May?
  4. Hello. I am going back to Sayulita in the end of April and was wondering if the crowds will still be around. (April 25) I know Semana Santa is around this time and the beaches are crowded with Mexican vacationers. It was 2006 when I started visiting to Sayulita. Thank you for your time