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  1. It helps! Gracias! ~Ed
  2. I am looking for email addresses of who to contact to join volunteer groups in Sayulita. I have some time and would like to be involved. If you have the info, please reply with the name of the group and email contact. Thanks very much! ~Ed
  3. We found the bridge by going out the main doors, through all the taxis and shuttles and then on the sidewalk to the left. You can see the bridge by then. We crossed the bridge and a Compastela bus was already waiting. Great ride to Sayulita, a bit bumpy but the bumps were more than made up for with the scenery.
  4. Thanks mudgirl, will do. The best, ~Ed
  5. sievs1 and SayuSoul,Thanks very much for the information on the bus from PV to Sayulita. You have banished any anxiety I may have harbored! :-) My wife and I will take the bus from the airport to Sayulita. The best, ~Ed
  6. Thank you sievs1, I appreciate you taking the time to reply. We are considering the bus although I thought I read somewhere that you have to hold your suitcase on your lap in the bus. Does anyone know if this is really the case. Thanks again. ~Ed
  7. Will the taxi drivers over the bridge stop for you to buy some groceries on the way?
  8. Thanks again mudgirl. The best, ~Ed
  9. Thanks mudgirl, I appreciate the tip! Happy New Year! ~Ed
  10. Thanks SayuSoul! I'm all set for footwear. :-)
  11. Thanks SayuSoul, great advice. I think I will pack for 7 days and add a few extra t-shirts and an extra swim trunks. My wife seems to know exactly what to pack for herself. And her only advice to me is that I pack too much. Thanks again, very much for your reply! I was wondering if anyone was going to respond. ~Ed
  12. I searched for what to pack for a two month stay in Sayulita and didn't find very much. I'm coming for two months at the end of January. Pack enough for a week and then do laundry? I'd really like to know how many shirts, t-shirts, shorts, etc. I always pack too much, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks and Feliz año nuevo! ~Ed
  13. Wow seagipsy! Thanks for the comprehensive information! I have some Krocs, Kastmasters, Rangers, and poppers and will see what I can do about minnows. Sabikis for bait are new to me but I will check it out. Thanks so much for all the information, I will take advantage of it as I'm sure many others will. The best, ~Ed
  14. Solebury, Did you ever find out? ~Ed
  15. Hey Val (or anyone else with shore fishing experience), What about live bait? What is available? What kind of rigs for live bait? I know some will float the bait off the bottom. ~Ed