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  1. Thanks BJ. I must say on auto insurance in California it is sadly the same way. That's why I always add U/M to policy. So from what I have gleaned from this thread is that I need to be concerned for hurricane and earthquake damage water included. I guess not so much concern for fire since construction is cement and cinder block. I am really looking forward to being there.
  2. Ok, thank you. So, basically this is one of the things that is more expensive in Mexico.
  3. Really? No fires, no storm damages? Will you expand on that please? A little confused.
  4. In planning our retirement to Sayulita, I am having difficulty estimating what we will be paying for home insurance in mexico. Assuming a 350,000 USD home insured against fire, huriane, earthquake and whatever else is required, does anyone have any ballpark estimates for me? Thank you in advance. Saludos