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  1. Sorry, we have since removed the classifieds from the website.
  2. The classifieds are located here
  3. Here is a link to the live webcam, brought to you by SayulitaLife and SayulitaWifi It can be viewed from the homepage of
  4. Welcome to Sayulita, Diane! Many Sayulita companies are not online. You can reach Brad at Sayulita Wifi at Their office is located above Garcia Realty on calle Revolucion, the door is next to Garcia Realty, looks mirrored and opens to stairs up to the office.
  5. There are a few places in town that will likely show NFL games. Don Pedro's, Aaleyah's Nachos and Wings, Latitude 20, Alas Blancas Restaurant there may be more, but these came to mind first. Congratulations on your upcoming festivities! Good luck with watching football on your honeymoon
  6. Hola km, The dates for Festival Sayulita are January 27 - 31 2016. It is more of a film festival, although music and surf and tequila houses are a part of it as well. This year, there was an amazing concert featuring Dirty Heads and Kongos. No word yet on next year's lineup, but it is sure to be great Have fun planning your trip to Sayulita!
  7. The best way to find a great place is utilizing the search feature You can search by dates, number of bedrooms needed, location and other desired amenities. You can then compare properties in the resulting list, check reviews and pricing details, and view photos to compare. You can also log in to the website as a traveler and save your favorites so that you can take your time with your comparison shopping. Have fun planning your trip to Sayulita
  8. There are a plethora of farmacias (pharmacies) in many towns in Mexico, especially tourist towns, because it is a very lucrative business. Americans and Canadians can buy drugs over the counter here that would require a prescription in their home country, and in some cases get them at cheaper prices too.
  9. Diane, no need to keep guessing, let's stick to facts..Am happy to provide more details. There were 12 different locations tested. Please see the locations and results below. Treatment Plant 1: E Coli 2160 Salmonella 0 Treatment Plant 2 : E Coli 2280 Salmonella 0 Mouth of North River: E Coli 2220 Salmonella 0 400 m N of river mouth: E Coli 1420 Salmonella 0 400 m S of river mouth: E Coli 1940 Salmonella 0 Corner of Pelicanos: E Coli 0 Salmonella 0 In front of kinder: E Coli 1340 Salmonella 0 Front of Chilly Willys: E Coli 1460 Salmonella 0 Gaviottes y Navarrete: E Coli 0 Salmonella 0 Tortilleria Calmar: E Coli 0 Salmonella 0 In front of plata potable: E Coli 1620 Salmonella 0 As mentioned in the previous post, water testing results continue to improve. There have been zero results of salmonella, in any location, and at times very slightly elevated levels (above 2000) of e coli near the river mouth and further up the river near the treatment plant. (Mouth of North River, Treatment Plant 1, Treatment Plant 2). Also please don't forget there has been additional government testing for enterococcus bacteria, which you can read about here: As for the treatment plant smelling, I have never been near one in any country that didn't have some odor.
  10. This has been quite the flu season, and is not Sayulita or Mexico specific. Many people have contracted a virus who haven't been in or near the water at all, so to say that people are getting sick from swimming is not only inaccurate, but irresponsible. The water treatment plant is working and Pro Sayulita has been having the water tested on a regular basis. Water quality continues to improve. Please remember that this is Mexico, and anywhere there is a river flowing into the ocean there may be at times, water quality issues, such as during the rains. Even though there is a water treatment plant, It cannot control what goes on upstream, and what is being dumped into the river. There have been zero results of salmonella, and at times very slightly elevated levels of e coli near the river mouth and further up the river. Here are some test results from the Federal Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources. The water tested well below the allowed limits for enterococcus bacteria. Up to 100 ppm is allowed to be considered safe. The result was only 50. These tests were performed just after the rainy season when bacteria conditions are favorable. The results would be even lower now that the river is barely flowing.
  11. Hola Curt, There used to be a gym, but unfortunately, it has closed. There are several fitness options in town though, try here:
  12. Some posts have been removed from this forum over the past 24 hours due to the fact that they did not meet the forum guidelines. In addition, due to laws in Mexico, SayulitaLife does not allow public posts that contain unsubstantiated allegations or defamatory remarks. Safety is a big concern for us all, we live here too, and keeping the public informed is very important. However, reports must be filed and investigations carried out in order to protect not only alleged victims, but everyone involved. It would be irresponsible to put forth hearsay and add to rumor before all the facts are known. Once a report has been filed, and an investigation completed, if the facts warrant public notification, we will do so. Thank you for your understanding.
  13. Easter is on the same day here as well
  14. Hola mudderbutter, Sayulita remains gloriously Mexico with all its exuberance. There are still trucks that go around selling fresh fruit, shrimp, mattresses, gas, water, etc. It is part of Mexico's charm and how people get their gas bottles and water replaced. Your trip falls during Semana Santa, the holy week leading up to Easter, 4/27 - 5/5 which is a pretty big deal here in Mexico. Last year, the ball field was used for a parking lot for all of the buses that come into town for Semana Santa. I don't recall there being any bands set up and playing in there last year, but you will probably find the town and beach quite busy with Mexican tourists who come to the beach for their vacation and to celebrate Easter. Have a great trip, filled with culture, wonderful people, and all the sights and sounds of Mexico..part of the reason we love it! Bring earplugs
  15. Hola and welcome to Sayulita. For a car and rental opportunities, please feel fee to post in our free community classifieds, in the wanted section. For childcare options, try here For more information on fun activities for kids try here Good luck with your search