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  1. Contact Frank O'Grady in La Cruz. He does solar installation. Find him on Facebook
  2. You need to test the system to handle 60 psi. Many might not and pressure does not mean volume. Most places have 1/2" plumbing with corrosion to further reduce volume. All flat roof houses leak. Most electrical is ample for simple needs. Sewer plumbing usually has no traps so a lot of odor and so on and so on.
  3. I agree ? percent!
  4. Any job? Do you know the wage structure my friend? House cleaners make about $ 2.65 USD per hour. You still are not eligible to work.
  5. Mas informacion y precios
  6. You can't legally work here. Sayulita has lots of yoga instructors and restaurant servers.
  7. Wow ! What speed do you need? What is your budget? You definitely will want A/C .
  8. I've bought and registered cars two separate times on ffm
  9. Gecko will store a car for $50 usd. For $15 they will leave it in the Pvr parking when you arrive When you leave stop and pickup a driver at their office pay $15 and you get dropped off They also will change oil etc. if you want
  10. Thanks for the update!
  11. San Pancho 20 years.
  12. And just curious if you have been here?
  13. You need to do a lot of research about moving to Mexico. factual research first then local opinion. You need a special document to work.
  14. When was the last time you were there?
  15. Easter is April 16 week before very crowded week after somewhat crowded. Sayulita always crowded
  16. That's like asking what a car costs! Many properties are for sale way below market! Unless you're an experienced builder don't even think about it.
  17. Whatever you have in mind in San Pancho or Sayulita I'm sure it's already been tried.
  18. Minerva is definitely craft beer Mega carries some goose island