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  1. Thanks. We did inflate the mattresses and enjoyed ourselves even if the sun hasn't been as great as the last little while. It'll be back though!
  2. Thanks all. Since that post we've found fares are variable, still. There is a lot of room for negotiation. I suspect high season rates will rise as always, but we will continue to tip well for superior service and there are several very good drivers around.
  3. Every year, taxi fares are increasing. Culminating in costing us 800 pesos to go from PVR airport to here, and we did cross the Vallarta overpass to catch the taxi. Last year it cost 800 to get to the airport from here and we are cringing at the thought of what it might cost now. Is there are governance around fees? Is there something we could be saying differently to taxi drivers? I never thought taxi fares would become an issue in the decision-making involved in travel plans but now they are. The increases have just about priced us out of visiting this area. There are so many other places to see.
  4. Thank you! We are really enjoying the Day of the Dead celebrations and. Activities. We have found breakfasts are very good at Chocobanana and El Break. The town's food quality seems to be improving. And way more ATMS than before. The number of vendors on and around the beaches has become an annoyance. We stopped going to Vallarta partly because of that.
  5. We just arrived in town but the main road is blocked, right after exiting the highway. What's going on? When and whewre are the day of the dead activities in town, or is it best to go to Vallarta? Finally please give your top 3 breakfast places. We love chocobanana....
  6. Sounds like a great place! Questions - what are the rates like? Was the bedroom fully screened from bugs and spiders? Did you have a quiet suite which allowed you to hear the surf, the birds, the jungle? Were the owners/managers easy to deal with and supportive if any issues arose? You cooked at home - excellent! What did you do for water, and did you wash your food beforehand? Thanks!
  7. When you feel it in your heart, it is the right thing to do.

  8. Calypso has a great location going for it, & beautiful decor, but we found the food disappointing last week. The crab cakes were superb, very tasty. The margarita also good. But the chile rellenos AND the pasta dish we ordered (the scampi I believe) were both very wet. The rellenos were drowning in sauces, while the pasta was swimming in a milky liquid. Noticed the service was fast & furious at all the tables; perhaps they were rushing themselves that night. Will give Calypso another chance one day.