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  1. Hola Mike, Cecilia Mendicuti and Roberto. The advertise their services on
  2. Jenna, I moved to Sayulita in 2002. We bought our land and built after living in Mexico since 1994, we came by boat. I payed for a friends granddaughter to attend CVIS. Great school but expensive. I think it was $5300 US, but that did include the uniforms. Two years ago I started living in Quebec during the summers. Nice to avoid the summers heat, but it is difficult to go back and forth. Most people that have rentals do leave for the summer. If you do that, you should not leave your house empty. You can write me at Barbara
  3. Sayulita is now crowded much of the year. It is a very popular place for people from Mexico as well as the US, Canada, Europe, and South America.
  4. Explore More, Please contact
  5. Welcome Sue, I retired in 1994 when we were laid off from our jobs in Oregon. Sailed down to Mexico. Bought land in 2001 and built in 2002. Lots has changed. BUT if you want to meet, please contact me.
  6. Hola Jo Anne, Thank you for wanting to help our kids in Sayulita!!! Call the private school COSTA VERDE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, their phone numbers are on the internet. Ask them what kind of paper work you must get in Montreal b4 coming down. They may know how to help you. Mexico has laws, but with needing native English teachers, I would think this could be done. I love the Costa Verde school and watching kids living a healthy green way like is taught at this school. They teach how to respect our planet!!!!!!!
  7. My cousins got married on the beach. What a beautiful place. NO problems. Just make sure you have someone clean up anything when you leave.....Enjoy!!!!!!!
  8. Laura from NY, Thanks, I will check to see what days the school will be open. Please send me a private message at And give me your phone number, I will call you. Thanks again, Barbara
  9. Welcome to Sayulita. Having lived in Sayulita for more than 15 years, I have seen amazing changes. I watched many businesses here come and go. Seen lots of babies being born and friends die. Funerals for the Mexican people are held right after death. Many times they block off the roads and put chairs in the streets. Sayulita days are filled with parades, dancing horses and celebrating we are Sayulitans. If you get a chance see the video, "Then and Now" it kind of shows how it has changed. The good and the bad. The movie is made by interviewing people from the original families and how they remember the past and view the future. The warmth of the Mexican people abounds everywhere. The extranjeros here are a wide variety of people, The very wealthy down to the struggling, outstanding artists, struggling artists, successful business owners, tradesmen and women, and now many people working on line. A tight knit group of people that are living here at least part of the year. Many do not learn the language but many do. Most are respectful to the Mexican people. They contribute money to the families that need help. Gina Esteva built the medical center which has locals, extranjeros and tourists that come for treatment. Gina threw a party at her home years ago and with the monies made the primary school built a new classroom. On the negative side are those who try to take advantage of others. Be careful. Most of us have had some bad experiences usually involving deals and money. The extranjeros are not real friendly sometimes and are wondering what you are up too, as the reply above. But do not get discouraged sometimes it takes awhile. With the new influx of younger people so much has changed. Rents are very high, prices leaping higher and services pushed beyond capacity. When we first built, there were few telephones in town. One store had phone lines and little rooms you would go inside to make you calls. Some families did not have electricity. Hope you enjoy your new found home and best wishes for your future.
  10. Hola, Your skills on welding sound great. Housing might be a problem as right now there are lots of people coming to live here and rentals scare. Bucerias and La Cruz might work out better. There is also the problem with wages. You will be in competition with other welders. We do have some good welders already in Sayulita. Hair dressers can usually find work anywhere, and if you both start your legal papers where you are from, then finish the papers here, you can work, pay taxes and emerge. Most of home buying is done with cash in Mexico. But, you might find the right deal for both of you. I wish you luck.
  11. I personally know Sophia. She is a wonderful person and cook. She has a lot of names, but you will find her on the Sayulitalife listing above.
  12. Thanks, SayulitaStartup, Takes lots of people to help our school. Every donation helps. Thank you so much.
  13. OK, I do not know who is the principle this year. The gate is locked/unlocked throughout the day. By going early you will eliminate the problem. Thanks so much for helping our school!!!!
  14. Hola, I am in Montreal right now, but will be home September 30th. I will be happy to take you to the school. Call me at 329-291-3485 or 3221192-6948.
  15. Giz, I sent you a private message.