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  1. There are no banks in Sayulita but there are a couple of money exchanges (casas de cambio). Yesterday the exchange rate at one of them, for US dollar to peso, was $1:00USD for $18 pesos.
  2. Sayulita is a little town with a big heart. There will always be someone to help when necessary.
  3. Hi MountainGirl. I think the gallery is called CM Boutique, at the corner of Pelicanos and Revolucion. The owner is Jane Bloem. She can be reached by email at (note, that's janie, not jane) Good luck!
  4. You can find a listing of private cooks and chefs here: I'm sure you'll be able to find the right person for the job from this list.
  5. There are several inexpensive hostels and hotels in Sayulita which they would find comfortable. You can find them by doing a Google search. I won't list any here so as not to leave one out by mistake. I'm sure you will all enjoy discovering all Sayulita has to offer.
  6. I believe you'll find very few mosquitos in February. It is the middle of the dry season and you and your family should be fine. Of course, use insect repellant and be aware of bugs but it's not like the summer and fall months at all. FYI - Sayulita is named after the town of Sayula, which is inland. The original hacendado (the original owner of the land who first settled here and brought the very hard-working families with him to work on the hacienda) was from Sayula (which means "place of the flies") and called the area Sayulita after his home-town.
  7. This year Easter Sunday is March 27 and you leave Sayulita on Friday March 25. Although Semana Santa translates as "Holy Week" it's really just a couple of days of busyness in town. Crowds begin to arrive late on Wednesday and Thursday so you'll hardly be impacted at all. Prices in restaurants and stores don't go up, though stores can be busy. A couple of the finer galleries in town do close for a few days. ATMs can run out of money so make sure you have enough on hand for your return to the airport. The Pro Sayulita fundraiser is a social event and is geared more toward the local ex-pat community and not tourists. Of course everyone is welcome and speaking Spanish isn't necessary. It consists of a live auction, a silent auction, dinner, and dancing. Tickets would be available when you arrive but the event generally sells out before the night. Donations for students are always welcome. The most useful, and easiest to transport, are pens and pencils, notebooks, erasers, etc. Thanks for your questions and Sayulita looks forward to welcoming you for your first, and certainly not your last, visit.
  8. On their webpage it just says "hours may vary" for Christmas Eve. They're usually open until 11:00p.m.
  9. Rollie's didn't open at all this year as the restaurant is for sale, Rollie and Jeanne want to spend more time with their family up north, and they believed it was for the best to not open for the season. They were both here in Sayulita in mid-March with Rollie acting in his former role as auctioneer at the Pro Sayulita fundraiser. They are both well and look wonderful. Here's a link to their business for sale: A Special Note from Rollie Dick Dear Sayulita Friends As you know, Rollie’s Restaurant is for sale. The sale includes the business, the land, the living quarters on the second and third floor, all licenses, (Including a full liquor license.) recipes, and all furniture and equipment. Since everything is there, it is truly a “turn-key” operation. You open the door and it is ready to go. Also, Rollie would be willing to come down and spend as much time as needed to bring the new owners up to speed on the operation as well as maybe some advice on staffing. The land is fully regularized for ownership. We really thought it would sell quickly. It has become a landmark and one of the better-known restaurants in Mexico. It was a wonderful “retirement” for Jeanne and me and provided us with a nice income as well as the opportunity to meet thousands of wonderful people. Well, it hasn’t sold. We have listed it with several real estate firms with no success. It is not now listed with anyone. When we first listed it the price was in the million- dollar range. No action. We reduced it to $795,000. No action. We reduced it to $695,000. Some action, no sale. So, we are ready to entertain offers below that. Are you interested? If so, make us an offer. Who knows, we might accept it. We really think it is a shame that nobody will be doing Rollie’s this year. It looks like a great year and could be a real moneymaker. Think it over. Let us know if you would like to look at the place. Rollie & Jeanne (831) 333-1985 (831) 402-8268 (831) 402-8267
  10. The post from "Sayulita Puke Bag" has been removed as it did not conform to Forum Rules and Guidelines.
  11. Have you checked the beachfront rental properties on Here is a link to that section of the Rentals page:
  12. Sayulita Day is always February 24, this year it's Tuesday. Hard to say if the carnival will be going on by the end of the week when you arrive but the quebrada stands are usually the last ones to come down so you may be in luck.
  13. Hello Jason. Here are a couple of links from that might help you. One is for a childcare professional and the others are for baby and infant supply companies in Sayulita. I'm sure you and your family will have a wonderful vacation in Sayulita and these individuals and companies may help to make it even more enjoyable for you and your wife. SFM
  14. Could you please provide Forum readers with the dates required and approximate budget? Thank you. SFM
  15. No, I didn't actually look at the photo. Thanks for bringing that to my attention and putting me in my place.