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  1. Sorry I don't have the info you are looking for, but I've been on a Telmex waiting list forever, would you recommend cable as a good alternative? Is it fast? Is it comparable in price to Telmex? I don't need TV, just internet. Thanks for any info you care to share!
  2. Costco does free eye exam and sells prescription glasses and contacts.
  3. Used to have iusacell but coverage is spotty and gets worse as you go north (barely any coverage in San Pancho, none in Chacala). I switched to Telcel which has wide coverage. I don't have a plan, I just pay as you go.
  4. A timeshare guy is not going to be pushing a luggage cart.
  5. I second the recommendation for Paulino. He is honest, has fair pricing, and speaks perfect English.
  6. Heads up - the INM office is no longer in Bucerias. They moved to Nuevo Vallarta in the large office building next to San Javier Hospital (about a block before Paradise Plaza if coming from Sayulita). Also fotos from Farmacia Guadalajara are not accepted, there is a place in the same building that will take your foto for 160 pesos.
  7. I would say AC is a must, especially if you are used to SF type weather. The climate here is comparable to Hualtulco at that time of year.
  8. Having lived in one year round I concurre with the above postings. You simply cannot control the climate in a palapa. Summers aren't good with the humidity taking its toll on clothes, books, furniture, etc. a palapa is nice to look at but I am very thankful for the cement roof that is now over my head!
  9. I'd speculate sometime in 2025...shortly after the new grand entrance to Sayulita is completed
  10. Say it aint so doc! You both will be greatly missed!!
  11. The original posting has a link to a warning from the US Embassy in Mexico about this insident, why is the validity being questioned?
  12. You need to go to the Telmex office in Bucerias and open an account in order to contract the service.
  13. I would not go with HSBC, we currently have them and have been quite disappointed with service, just basic stuff like issuing an ATM card seems to be a major task for them. We speak spanish so language is not the issue.
  14. Is the Healthcare Concierge in San Pancho still there? Is there a phone number they can be reached at?