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  1. Hey Checo Thanks so much. I was actually able to send it down by DHL and it arrived on Monday. Stormsam
  2. Hi Is there anyone heading down from Canada or US over the next few weeks that could take a very small item with them? Stormsam
  3. Its just as easy to convert Canadian at the cambio, that way you don't end up losing twice on converting. We usually bring some Canadian dollars with us to exchange but use the ATM's as it is a better rate than the cambios.
  4. Hi Potis Thanks for your post. You may want to check with the rental company as I have heard that golf carts are currently not being allowed on the roads. This was still an ongoing problem a week ago so I'm not sure if the situation has been resolved. Not sure of the whole story as to why but maybe someone else can answer that. Stormsam
  5. Costs keep going up everywhere so there is not much you can do about it. When you think about it $800 pesos is only around $40 US for a 45 minute taxi trip. It would cost way more for that trip where I live. You could take the bus next time, last I checked it was 30 pesos.
  6. Hi Zenyatta - Hopefully you will find this post helpful. The boulevard is being completely re done from the Punta Mita Highway to where the bus stop was located. It has be temporarily relocated until the construction is finished. Below is an article about the construction. We just got back from Sayulita but where there last year for the Dia De Los Muertos and it was amazing to experience. The town square will be set up with altars and there will be a dance show as well. There is an article below that tells some of what is happening. I am not a big breakfast person but you will find lots of options around town. Have a great trip and enjoy Sayulita!
  7. I would email a few of the restaurants from sayulitalife and see what they say. I would try Leda, Don Pedros and Miro Vino, let them know what the allergies and concerns are and if they would be able to do something for you. I'm sure if you hear from the owner or chef directly they can accommodate your request. The other option would be to bring a chef in to prepare a special dinner at the house. That way your daughter can experience the food and be sure that it is safe as you can control what is brought in to cook.
  8. Really, pick up a rock and throw it at the dog, "although I haven't seen many people bitten here". I don't even know what to say to that. I have been to Sayulita numerous times and have never had to pick up a rock to throw at a stray dog, I just ignore them if they don't look friendly and they go away. I would never let a child play with a stray dog anywhere let alone in Mexico but there is never a reason to throw rocks at them. There is never a reason to throw rocks at animals unless you are being attacked.
  9. Hi A couple of the stores were selling them last season, I think they were around $250 pesos but they were the pretty cheap ones and are fine for younger kids. You can also find them at the Mega Store or the Walmart on the way from the airport to Sayulita. You can also rent the better ones from some of the beach surfboard stores if you want the better quality ones. Have a great trip. Stormsam
  10. Hi We have those 3 nights available but someone checking in on the 9th. We are very close to the town square and beach but very quiet and private. 3 bedrooms all with ensuites but only AC in the master bedroom downstairs. It is Casa Duende and you can find it on Sayulita life. My email is if you are interested. Joe
  11. Hey Al We have a house in the south end of Sayulita, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, very quiet and private. Only thing is no pool. Very close to the beach and the town square. Depending on when you are interested in going we can work something out. Let me know if you are interested. The house is Casa Duende and you can find it on this website. Stormsam
  12. Hi Mudderbutter Check out Casa Duende, we are a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with lots of gardens and outdoor space with BBQ. We are South end and no pool but a very short walk to the beach and the town square. No need for a car or golf cart to go out for dinner. We are just up the road from Aalayahs restaurant but very quiet and private. You can find us on this site under Casa Duende. $1400 for the week. Stormsam
  13. Hi We bought one at Mega when we were there in November and if I remember correctly they were $200 pesos each at the time. Definitely cheaper than renting them if you are going to be there for 2 weeks. They were located near the pharmacy towards the front of the store, not sure if they are in the same place or not. I have also seen them in Sayulita for close to the same price but not sure if they would have 10 of them.
  14. We rent beach chairs and umbrellas for the day and some days we bring our own cooler with beer and some days we order from the beach bars. Its great having a couple of options.
  15. I have always found it at Alas Blancas but also found some on my last visit at the store opposite Rollies that sells beer. I have never seen diet tonic in town though. Good luck.