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  1. I hear a rumor that improvements are being to Ave. REVOLUTION from the bomberos to the salud. Any truth to the matter? Any photos anyone could share? Would be a huge improvement especially if the delegado would install a couple of topes. This stretch is a dragstrip most of the day and always at night. Just a matter of time before someone loses their life. Rafael y Sandra
  2. Recently had heart surgery. Been thru months of cardiac rehab and need a gym for equipment. I know the one closed, wondering if anyone opened a new one? I am sur there is a gym in Bucerias but hate to travel 200. Thanks, see you all soon. Rafael y Sandra
  3. Good Morning to all in Paradise! Sandy and I are beginning to round up all the stuff we haul to Sayulita each year. This will be our 14th trip of driving down to our winter home and each year we look forward to the memorable trip. Something to be said about driving vs flying over this beautiful country. We have owned our home in Sayulita since 2002 and still do not have a phone line to our casa. This is partially by choice but mostly by refusal of Telmex to run a line to our casa. We live directly above the bus stop which used to be on the poor side of town but we are now surrounded by beautiful homes and beautiful neighbors. My research before we left last April informed me that Sayulita has no land lines available and will not have any new service until a fiber optic line is installed from Bucerias. I am sure with the proper "enticement" this problem could be remedied. We have relied on our friendly neighbors who allow us to pirate their wifi but we all know the problems that go along with that. Last year their friendly "new" neighbors who also could not get a phone line, simply cut our neighbors line and used his a their new service. Telmex had no problem with this as long as the got their "enticement. Although The internet service is light years ahead of Sayulita 2002 when Kerry and Ian had an internet cafe with dial-up! How many remember that! Our question to the kind folks of Sayulita, Any suggestions about how to improve our pirated signal, other available internet services, or hog tie the Telmex Man till he gives in! Thanks to all, have a Great Day in Paradise and we look forward to seeing all our ol friends soon!! Ralph y Sandy
  4. Hola to all again, Once again I will ask if anyone has driven down Highway 200 past Mazatlan going south? I am hoping that the new by-pass is open by now to save some time and driving hassles of the old way. Coming Sayulita way in about a month and starting to plan our annual trip south. Thanks ahead of time to anyone who has travel this route recently! Looking forward to seeing all our old friends and familia! Muchas Gracias Rafael y Sandra
  5. Hello to all in Sunny Sayulita. We are planning our annual return with our 12th or 13th trip down ol 200 from Nogales to Sayulita. Has anyone traveled this route recently? If so, can you tell me if the Bypass from Mazatlan to Villa Union has been opened? Also any helpful info on road construction or check-points would be great! Thanks ahead of time, we look forward to seeing all our family of friends! Ralph y Sandy Casa Casandra
  6. Hello All, I have checked with customs agents, insurance companies and banjerito and nobody can give me a straight answer. Sooooo, I guess we will wing it! Throw it in the back of the pickup, pile stuff around it, on top of it , in it and over it. We will look like all the other nationals traveling home for the holidays. Looking forward to seeing all our Sayulita family and friends. R & S
  7. Barbara, Thanks for the input. Do I need to get a temp vehicle permit for the ATV or is it simply a personal possession? We want to leave the ATV is Sayulita when we return in the spring. I am not to worried about it being stolen while we are there as we will use it only to run downtown for supplies. Otherwise it will be locked in our bodega. It is a 2003 model that I have had for years so would be no huge loss if it disappeared. We just don't want to have to return with it in the spring. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanx!
  8. We will be returning to our casa in Sunny Sayulita for the winter. We have driven the trip from South Dakota many, many, many times but always in a SUV loaded to the hilt. This trip will be in a pickup with an older ATV in the back. Question to you all is this, do we need special permits for this unlicensed vehicle or do we blow thru the "nothing to declare" lane as we always do? We plan on leaving it at the casa upon our return in the spring. We look forward to hearing from our Sayulita neighbors! Thanks ahead of time cor your replys! Ralph y Sandy Casa Casandra
  9. Has anyone traveled north or south thru mazatlan lately? We are heading home in a few weeks and wondered if they had opened the new section from Villa Union to north of mazatlan. Looking forward to that day, will easily save an hour of crazy traffic. Thanks
  10. Anyplace that offers free tissue to dry your tears after the Broncos Victory! Besides that, Calypso Restaurant, Republic House Bar and Grille, or Don Chows. There are many others but these are my favorites. Good Luck!
  11. Has anyone in Sayulita had any luck using Dish as a tv service here? I brought my receiver and dish with me but can't seem to find the right coordinates for the satellite. I have called Dish many times and get a different answer and satellite location each time. I need help, Super Bowl is coming!! Go Broncos!
  12. ASK FOR NACHO!! See Judith at Luna Blu internet shop.
  13. We have owned a home in Sayulita for the past 11 years and can tell you that Sirius/XM is alive and well in Sayulita! We take our home receiver, antenna, and a boom box. Works like a dream. Great for news and sports! We drive down every year and have XM in our vehicle, works all the way down and throughout Mexico. Enjoy!!
  14. Not to worry! Christmas is a very busy season for all local businesses. You will have no problem finding most all services open. Have a Great visit!
  15. For years we have stayed at the Azteca in Mazatlan. It is in the hotel zone near the Ramada. Inside parking with 24hr security, great staff and clean rooms with the typical Mexico furnishings. Usually quiet except during spring break and holidays. Rates are usually around 45 to 50$ US. Just up the street is a Great restaurant named Pancho's. We have eaten there many, many times over the years and have become very good friends with Pancho and his staff. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Great ocean view with a fabulous menu. Affordable too!! aztecainn.com should get you there.Alejandra will take care of your booking. Google your way in. It is easier than you think. Hope this helps, have a safe and enjoyable trip!! Ralph & Sandy