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    Emergency Information or Sayulita if you ever need it. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING GOING ON YELL “ROBO!” FREE FROM ANY PUBLIC PHONE IN MEXICO OR MEXICAN LANDLINE (like 911) CALL TO GET ON RECORD: 1. National State Emergency number 066 for ALL EMERGENCIES (fire, ambulance, ANYTHING) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 2. Municipal Policia Headquarters (in Valle): 01 329 291 0049 or 329 291 0666 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… For break-ins, robberies, threats, assaults, suspicious activity, violations, and also for noise bylaws (loud parties or music), drinking on the street, littering, turtle egg robbing, call local cell phone number that is passed between Muni police shifts. THIS MAY GET THE FASTEST RESPONSE, BUT CALL ONE OF THE ABOVE TOO, SO THEY ARE DISPATCHED. 3. Local Municipal Policia (Sayulita cellular): 322 104 8540 …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Also for break-ins, robberies, threats, assaults, suspicious activity, violations, beach problems, ATV's on beach (they have ATVs). Call local State Police office in Sayulita (not always answered). 4. State/Tourist Policia (Sayulita Station): 329 291 3890 …………………………………………………………………………………............................. If still no response from Local or Muni or Valle, call Sayulita’s elected Delegate: 5. Local Sayulita Delgato, Hector Piña (9am-10pm+): 322 182 1266 …………………………………………………………………………………............................. To complain about lack of police responsiveness or effectiveness in Sayulita, call: 6. Bahia de Bandaras Presidencia Municipal (9-5):329 291 1870 …………………………………………………………………………………............................. For emergencies ~ fire, or accident requiring ambulance, drowning, etc., call: 7. Civil Bomberos ~ Fire & Ambulance: 01 800 830 2185 ******** For Traffic problems, to remove abandoned cars, parking problems, call 8. Transito (9am-8pm): 01 329 296 5225 Report all crimes to neighborswatching@hotmail.com Dial 066 from any standard land line. Dial 080 from any cellular phone. To report suspicious activity in Sayulita, please dial 045-322-141-5994. All additional useful telephone numbers for Sayulita can be found here: Phone numbers for Sayulita Emergency Numbers Dial 066 from any standard land line Dial 080 from any cellular phone Municipal Policia Sayulita 322 104 8540 Policia in Bucerias 329 298 1020 Policia Valle (from Sayulita) 291 0049 or 291 0666 Ambulance Services & Hospitals Ameri-med Hopital 01-322-226-2080/01-322-221-0023 C.M.Q. Hospital 01-322-223-1919/223-0878 Cornerstone Hospital 01-322-224-9400 Cruz Roja Ambulance 01-322-226-1014 Global Ambulance 01-322-226 1014 I.M.S.S. Hospital 01-322-224-3838 Medasist Hospital 01-322-223-0444 Red Cross Ambulance 01-322-222-1533 Regional Hospital 01-322-224-4000 San Javier Hospital 01-322-226-1010 San Pancho Hospital 01 311 258 4229 Credit Card Companies AmEx 01-322-223-2955 Mastercard 01-800-366-3100 Visa 01-800-706-6600 Local Doctors Dr. Gutierrez 329-291-3778 Dr. Moy 329-291-3947 Local Vets Dr. Jose GPE. Gomez Alavar 322-134-9359 Dr. Marco Alvidrez 322-148-2328 Other Important Numbers: American Consulate 322-222-0069 Animal Protection 01-322-221-0078 Canadian Consulate 322-293-0098 / 0099 CFE Electricity Company 071 City Hall Bahia de Banderas 329-291-0818 Consumer Protection (PROFECO) 01-322-225-0000 Cruz Roja 322-222-1533 GIRRSA Garbage Pick-up 329 296 5454 Immigration in Bucerias 329 298 14 42 IMSS in Mezcales 329 296 5140 Ministerio Publico 01-322-222-1762 Municipal Services 01-322-223-2500 National Telegraph 01-322-224-7970 Policia Federal de Caminos (Highway Patrol) 01-322-221-1065 / 01-322-221-1527 PROFEPA 329 298 1608 Secretaria de Medio Ambiente SEMARNAT 322-222-0703 Social Security 329-296-5140 State Transit 01 311 213 5711 Telmex in Bucerias 329-295-1686 Tourist Information 01 800 523 0160 Tourist Protection 01-322-223-2500 Transito in Bucerias 329 298 1614 Wake-Up Service 031 Water Company SEAPAL 01-322-223-1516
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    Sayulita Event Calendar Easy to read. Easy to add event. Free for everyone! View the Sayulita Event Calendar on SayulitaLife.com now!
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    Friends are always asking me why I love sayulita and what should they do while they are here. Here is a list of some of the things we feel should make your to-do list. 1. Eat at the taco stands for a buck a piece. We love Ivans and Naty's. 2. Rent a quad and go watch the sunset at Playa Carricitos; pack a picnic dinner and a bottle of champagne. 3. Have a churro from the back of the churro truck. Yum! 4. Absolutely go ziplining with Rancho Michaparrito. Only 5 minutes from town and a terrific fun ride! 5. Go to Rollies' for mimosas and HUGE pancakes. 6. Get a surfboard and go play in the waves. Be a kid again and laugh like crazy! 7. Hop in a golf cart and head to Don Juan's for a wonderful romantic dinner. Over on the Punta de Mita highway. Fabulous Caesar salad!! 8. Drink your daily calories with a cup of fresh squeezed jugo naranja from a juice cart. 9. Have a margarita at Aaleyah's- tequila right out of the barrel, and it will knock you on your smile! 10. Go to ladies' night at Fajita Banana- beer and cocktails are a buck a piece, and be sure to have some fantastic BBQ ribs. 11. Visit Sayulitanimals to see the awesome work they are doing here. Offer to be an escort for a dog going to a forever home in Canada. So easy to do!! 12. La Rustica- Pizza- Fabulous!! 13. Keep an eye out for the Dancing Horses. A sight not to be missed. One of my fondest memories. 14. Have a true italiano gelato at Buonissimos, right in the square. 15. Shop for your souvenirs right here in town. The selection and prices are similar, and quite often better, to what you would find in the big city of PV. 16. Try the guacamole everywhere you go. Our faves so far: Capitain cook, on la playa, and Mary's Tacos. 17. Head over the bridge to Trattoria Toscano, for some pretty spectacular homemade goat cheese filled ravioli. 18. Visit the San Pancho farmers' Mercado and EAT your way around the market. And if you are there for dinner, go to Los Arbolitos, a new family restaurant with (in our opinion) the best tacos and quesadillas in the land! 19. Walk, walk and walk! Just strolling from the south end of the busy beach area to the north end, nearly deserted beach area is beautiful. And you can stop at Miramar for one of Eric's terrific margaritas, if you need a little sustenance! 20. Finally, treat yourself, at least once, to a romantic dinner at Villa Amor. Excellent wine, super food (the parmesan bowl for the Caesar salad is ridiculous!) and unrivaled atmosphere. The view from our Oceanside table was magical. Ask for one of the three tables overlooking the water. And get there before the sun goes down to take in the stunning view of Sayulita. I hope you all enjoy everything this lovely town has to offer as much as we have, and will again, and again.....
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    On Sayulita Life, you can put in your dates of travel and add extra amenities within your search such as A/C and Wi-Fi. If you look at the amenities section of the vacation rentals, anything that says "Premium WiFi" means the homeowners have installed Sayulita WiFi - a premium private internet company that has the fasted speed internet in town. You can do a quick search in our detailed search section here: https://www.sayulitalife.com/homesearch Let us know if you have any questions!
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    Hi, Casa Limon is available for your dates, has reliable wifi and is two blocks from the beach. Check out VRBO 296246 if you are interested, I'll give a good monthly rental rate...
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    I've been coming to Sayulita for a while now and have only been sick once. And I attribute that to the FLU that I might have picked up stateside before I flew down. However, we did bring down a group of 8 friends for New Years 2016 and just about all of them spent the better part of their vacation in the house sick. I think that its probably a combination of everything that everyone here has been talking about: - The "polluted" river flowing into the ocean that everyone is surfing in - Overpopulation in a very small place - Poor food preparation and disposal - Animals defecating in the streets - People's immune systems failing due to excess booze, lack of hydration, sleep, etc. So all that being said, its nice to see that the town locals are working on resolving the water treatment issues and have already tackled the river crossing concern. But in the end, this is a small village in Mexico and will never be a suburban town in Orange County where everything is sterile and clean. That would take away from the place itself. Like SayuSoul said, if you want to stay healthy when down here, take care of yourself and don't do anything stupid. The longer you stay, the better you will be because your body will acclimate to the bacteria, etc. And like I always tell my daughter: hydration and sleep are your friends. The more you get, the healthier you will be.
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    Thanks so much for responding with this info. We will contact her right away! : )
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    Gecko will store a car for $50 usd. For $15 they will leave it in the Pvr parking when you arrive When you leave stop and pickup a driver at their office pay $15 and you get dropped off They also will change oil etc. if you want
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    I've lived in Sayulita for 2 years and I've found myself getting a "flu-like" bug during the winter months, just as I occasionally would when I lived in California. Flu season is flu season, and when hundreds of tourists over populate a town and are in total "vacation-mode", people tend to forget to constantly wash their hands, be cautious of food preparations, take vitamins, hydrate, and probiotics (instead of drinking tons of beer and tequila). All this lowers ones immune system. When our immune system is lowered, natural bacterias that are airborne that our systems aren't used to can give us a nasty attack. I never swim in the Sayulita ocean and I still found myself sick at some point during this past winter. However I found myself sick for maybe 24 hours, drank a lot of tea, natural broth, and coconut water and I was better. For those who would like to inform themselves on the "water issue" - here is a recent article stating a 5 phase plan for a solution of cleaning the water, and working on a pipe/drainage system that can withhold the capacity of the amount of tourists Sayulita receives every year. https://www.sayulitalife.com/news/detail/612 Everyone has valid points in this forum, however unless you find yourself getting sick and decide not to go to a doctor or specialist and get lab tests taken and contact your local health department, everything will be just assumptions of what the cause of the illness was and how "contagious" it is, and what necessary precautions must be done to help fix this issue.
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    Hola Ed, Sayulita has MANY organizations and non-profit groups in town that make Sayulita so great. Although I don't have any email addresses to share, there are plenty of organizations that have Facebook Pages and respond fairly quickly. Here are a few resources: https://www.sayulitalife.com/community-support https://www.sayulitalife.com/support-local Hope that helps!
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    I remember going during the aftermath before and enjoyed it. It was my second time going, been there 9 times throughout the years. Of course it is always a great time to go, but this trip I'm looking for a relaxing time Ive seen through pictures the growth and updates to the town. Cant wait to see old friends. Thanks for everyones help.
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    Easter is April 16 week before very crowded week after somewhat crowded. Sayulita always crowded
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    This is a more personal preference, It depends on your comfort level and how often you want to take your laundry to a laundromat. Also, it depends on where you're coming from. Coming from a cold climate? You'll probably be really hot due to the humidity and heat, so pack breathable fabrics. Plan on spending most of your day at the beach? Bring a few swim trunks. Do you like eating out and want to bring a button up short sleeve or polo for a nice occasion? Bring that if you wish... Attire is super casual. Tank tops, swim trunks, shorts, flip-flops and underwear is pretty much all you need here. Hope that helps!
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    Actually I find June and October to be the hottest months here- before it starts raining and after it stops, when there is just relentless heat and high humidity. Once the rainy season starts, it cools things down considerably. I live here year round, in the countryside (so not a bunch of concrete around to hold the heat), have a dense garden, some breeze some of the time, I don't have any AC (personally, I hate sleeping in an air conditioned room), just fans, and I do everything I would normally do, albeit a little slower and with several breaks to stand in a cool shower. For sleeping, I find a standing fan directed on me works better than a ceiling fan. I know some people find the summer here unbearable, but I'd much rather be too hot than too cold. And Ajijic is way too cold for me in the winter! Didn't move to Mexico to need a heater.
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    The people who would have the correct information for you would most certainly be any of the wedding planners advertised on Sayulita Life. They know all of the rules, regulations, and legalities. On a personal note, I don't know about any "taboos" for beach weddings, however all of us locals greatly appreciate when the eco-system and environment is taken into consideration during any ceremony. Leaving the beach better than you found it and refraining from the use of paper lanterns that end up in our ocean, loud fireworks that damage the eco system and scare the many dogs in town, and picking up any trash left behind is always appreciated. Congrats on your wedding! We all hope you enjoy Sayulita just as much as we do http://www.sayulitalife.com/wedding-planners
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    I was here with 9 others from December 26 to January 9. Spent lots of time in and out of the water, and I did not get sick. People get sick in Mexico (or anywhere they travel) for many different reasons. Sometimes it is getting used to a different diet, greasier foods, beer and too much tequila, etc. Sometimes it is just a flu, or stomach bug that goes around. I am always amazed that people will look for a supernatural or phantom cause that has no scientific proof, such as an overworked sewage plant, or thousands of extra people visiting that are polluting the entire ocean. I was in the plaza at midnight on New Years Eve, and there were no more people there than one would expect at midnight. To me it seemed to be quieter than I thought it would be, based on the number of people at the beach a couple of days before. As for our group, 3 got sick out of 9, and for them it was just a 24 hour thing, could have been caused by dehydration, or a stomach or flu bug. Who knows? It is not like I've never had these things at home. I don't think it was food related, as they got sick about a day to 2 days apart. (even though we all pretty much did all eat together mostly, and hung out doing the same things together during the day). Like at home, wash your hands often, stay hydrated, and try to enjoy your holiday. Most of our group had no issues, and we were there 2 weeks, and spent a ton of time surfing, at the beach, eating local foods, etc. At home in Canada, many of my coworkers were home sick with the flu... strangely none of us thought to post about it on a Calgary forum asking for an explanation of why people were home sick. To paraphrase Freud, "sometimes a flu is just a flu"
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    We have been coming here since 2005 and have never seen so many sick people, in our group and just randoms on the beach and on the street EVER. It seems the town in just over loaded and that the water treatment plant can't handle all the tourists. Apparently there were an extra 10,000 people on New Year's Eve for 2015 going into 2016. That's a lot of extra poop and pee going into the sewage/water plant! Local surfers seem to know about the problem.
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    Although it isn't legally a nude beach, Carecitos beach is where we always go for an all over tan. It's just south of town and anyone can give you directions. There are rarely more than a handful of folks there, but keep it low key and you shouldn't have any problems with the locals. Have fun!