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    Katy and Nicole were such an incredible asset in achieving our dream wedding. From the very beginning stages, they went above and beyond their calls of duty by helping some of our family members and friends find housing in Sayulita and answering hundreds of questions patiently. We had a few unique requests (a donkey to lead the processional, a marimba band for the ceremony) that we weren't sure were going to come to fruition, but Katy and Nicole made it all happen for us. Working with them was practically effortless- we fired emails back and forth constantly and there was no language-barrier to hold any of us back. The fact that they were down there and could knock on vendors doors for answers was invaluable and I'm so glad we chose them over a planner from the States or a since I can imagine it would have otherwise been a nightmare getting things done and ensuring everything went smoothly. We flew down to Sayulita to meet them in person and get a bunch of errands and planning done a couple months before our big day. They drove us all around Puerto Vallarta in search of the perfect photo booth props, fabrics to make custom pillows, and materials for our huppa...all in 106' heat with smiles on their faces! Our rehearsal dinner was held at Don Pedro's restaurant and Katy and Nicole set up a bonfire on the beach following the dinner. They did such a beautiful job creating a magical beach party to welcome our guests- it looked like a scene from a movie. On our wedding day, we arrived to Playa de los Muertos for our ceremony and the set-up was just as we'd imagined (they hand-crafted our turquoise fabric-wrapped huppa!) and after the ceremony our adorable donkey was waiting to lead the procession up to the Palapa and we were serenaded by incredible Mariachi players that they had found for us. Up at the Palapa for our reception, I had to take a few minutes to take it all in - all of the little details we had agonized over were perfectly in place and I was overwhelmed with happiness. The reception went off without a hitch and flowed seamlessly between the events of the night. Our guests were in awe of how incredible the wedding was and everyone stated that it was hands-down the best wedding they had ever attended. We've also been asked to get married every year so they can experience this again! We are so grateful and appreciative of the amazing work and effort Katy and Nicole put into our wedding, and without hesitation we would recommend them to anyone considering a wedding in the Sayulita area...they are the best!!!
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    Emergency Information or Sayulita if you ever need it. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING GOING ON YELL “ROBO!” FREE FROM ANY PUBLIC PHONE IN MEXICO OR MEXICAN LANDLINE (like 911) CALL TO GET ON RECORD: 1. National State Emergency number 066 for ALL EMERGENCIES (fire, ambulance, ANYTHING) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 2. Municipal Policia Headquarters (in Valle): 01 329 291 0049 or 329 291 0666 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… For break-ins, robberies, threats, assaults, suspicious activity, violations, and also for noise bylaws (loud parties or music), drinking on the street, littering, turtle egg robbing, call local cell phone number that is passed between Muni police shifts. THIS MAY GET THE FASTEST RESPONSE, BUT CALL ONE OF THE ABOVE TOO, SO THEY ARE DISPATCHED. 3. Local Municipal Policia (Sayulita cellular): 322 104 8540 …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Also for break-ins, robberies, threats, assaults, suspicious activity, violations, beach problems, ATV's on beach (they have ATVs). Call local State Police office in Sayulita (not always answered). 4. State/Tourist Policia (Sayulita Station): 329 291 3890 …………………………………………………………………………………............................. If still no response from Local or Muni or Valle, call Sayulita’s elected Delegate: 5. Local Sayulita Delgato, Hector Piña (9am-10pm+): 322 182 1266 …………………………………………………………………………………............................. To complain about lack of police responsiveness or effectiveness in Sayulita, call: 6. Bahia de Bandaras Presidencia Municipal (9-5):329 291 1870 …………………………………………………………………………………............................. For emergencies ~ fire, or accident requiring ambulance, drowning, etc., call: 7. Civil Bomberos ~ Fire & Ambulance: 01 800 830 2185 ******** For Traffic problems, to remove abandoned cars, parking problems, call 8. Transito (9am-8pm): 01 329 296 5225 Report all crimes to neighborswatching@hotmail.com Dial 066 from any standard land line. Dial 080 from any cellular phone. To report suspicious activity in Sayulita, please dial 045-322-141-5994. All additional useful telephone numbers for Sayulita can be found here: Phone numbers for Sayulita Emergency Numbers Dial 066 from any standard land line Dial 080 from any cellular phone Municipal Policia Sayulita 322 104 8540 Policia in Bucerias 329 298 1020 Policia Valle (from Sayulita) 291 0049 or 291 0666 Ambulance Services & Hospitals Ameri-med Hopital 01-322-226-2080/01-322-221-0023 C.M.Q. Hospital 01-322-223-1919/223-0878 Cornerstone Hospital 01-322-224-9400 Cruz Roja Ambulance 01-322-226-1014 Global Ambulance 01-322-226 1014 I.M.S.S. Hospital 01-322-224-3838 Medasist Hospital 01-322-223-0444 Red Cross Ambulance 01-322-222-1533 Regional Hospital 01-322-224-4000 San Javier Hospital 01-322-226-1010 San Pancho Hospital 01 311 258 4229 Credit Card Companies AmEx 01-322-223-2955 Mastercard 01-800-366-3100 Visa 01-800-706-6600 Local Doctors Dr. Gutierrez 329-291-3778 Dr. Moy 329-291-3947 Local Vets Dr. Jose GPE. Gomez Alavar 322-134-9359 Dr. Marco Alvidrez 322-148-2328 Other Important Numbers: American Consulate 322-222-0069 Animal Protection 01-322-221-0078 Canadian Consulate 322-293-0098 / 0099 CFE Electricity Company 071 City Hall Bahia de Banderas 329-291-0818 Consumer Protection (PROFECO) 01-322-225-0000 Cruz Roja 322-222-1533 GIRRSA Garbage Pick-up 329 296 5454 Immigration in Bucerias 329 298 14 42 IMSS in Mezcales 329 296 5140 Ministerio Publico 01-322-222-1762 Municipal Services 01-322-223-2500 National Telegraph 01-322-224-7970 Policia Federal de Caminos (Highway Patrol) 01-322-221-1065 / 01-322-221-1527 PROFEPA 329 298 1608 Secretaria de Medio Ambiente SEMARNAT 322-222-0703 Social Security 329-296-5140 State Transit 01 311 213 5711 Telmex in Bucerias 329-295-1686 Tourist Information 01 800 523 0160 Tourist Protection 01-322-223-2500 Transito in Bucerias 329 298 1614 Wake-Up Service 031 Water Company SEAPAL 01-322-223-1516
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    Sayulita Event Calendar Easy to read. Easy to add event. Free for everyone! View the Sayulita Event Calendar on SayulitaLife.com now!
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    We will be staying in Sayulita ( for the 3 time) the last week of December. My son and myself would like to get some fishing in. Our first choice is going for Roosterfish. Also always good to also get a nice Dorado for dinner. I realize we are inshore for the Roosterfish and offshore for the Dorado. I am looking for a recommendation for the best captain with the best boat and equipment.
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    We have rented a vacation rental and will be in Sayulita in a matter of days - but as I keep reading about the escalating violence and deaths in various parts of Mexico, I cannot help but feel concerned for our safety while we are down in Mexico (coming from San Francisco). Is Sayulita safe? Are there any safety precautions we should take while we are down there? Thank you!
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    Entreamigos´Holiday Gift Market is the place for unique, hand-made gifts that support our local community! Friday December 7th, 4-8 PM. Food, live music & lots of fun!! Free ride to San Pancho & back! Look for our pick up spot in the Plaza.
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    Hola Amigos, Soon we will begin our annual trip from The Black Hills of SD to Sunny Sayulita. Although we have made this trip about a dozen times we would like to bring a small enclosed trailer with an ATV inside. We would appreciate any heads ups or potential problems others may have had with border crossing or check-points in between. Also, its a single axle trailer so what does that do for tolls? Looking forward to our return to our home away from home. Muchas Gracias Ralph & Sandy Casa Casandra
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    Hi, I am new to town and looking for a recommendation on where to go to get my hair done. My Spanish is so-so, and I would prefer to go to someone with good English. Also, I don't have a car here, so somewhere in town or reachable by bus would be great, and with reasonable prices. I did go to Jungle for a quote (after being recommended to go there) but they are a bit too pricy for me at this time. Thanks!
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    We were treated to a flock a beautiful birds this morning. They sounded like squeaky rusty wagons. Are these black throated magpie Jays?
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    Jaltemba Hold’em Charity Poker Tournament Win Big Money - $20,000 or $10,000 depending on level of play - When: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 4.30 to 10.00 Doors open at 3.30 pm for seat assignment - games start at 4.30 sharp Where: Futbol Rapido - La Penita de Jaltemba There will be two levels of play. “High Roller” and "Regular." Cost is $500 pesos for the "High Roller" game or $300 pesos for the "Regular" game. This includes your entry fee, the first buy in and two drink tickets. Tickets sold prior to February 15 will qualify for a $50 peso discount. Tickets are selling FAST! ONLY 250 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD. First Come, First Served. Snooze and you Lose!! PROJECTED PAYOUTS for 1st Prize with 100 players in each level: $20,000 pesos HIGH ROLLER and $10,000 pesos REGULAR respectively. Please come out and support Los Amigos. A full bar and food service is being offered. Tickets are available at Xaltemba Restaurant and at our Tianguis Booth on Thursday. Questions? Need Tickets? Please call either: 274-1362 or 274-2045 or 274-3592
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    Friends will arrive Feb 9 and are looking for a two bedroom, two bath rental with splash pool for a week. Anybody?
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    Where can we see the Badger vs. Stanford Rosebowl game? Thanks!
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    Need help...while in sayulita last week i saw some bling stretch jeans in a alley shop behind oxxo...went back 3 times but they were never open...should have stopped the first time...bummer....does anyone know the make or brand of the jeans in that shop....also saw them on trip to airport while on bus as it stopped in Mescales but had to get to airport...would love to find them online if possible since it will be quite some time before i get back to sayulita thanks kelley
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    Sayulita street maps are for sale at Rollie's Restaurant and Choco Banana for $100ps. This is the most comprehensive street map available. With our new street signs, residents and business owners can now direct people to their location. Fancy that! If you have renters, get several copies. We are nearing a sellout of the first printng with fewer than 20-copies remaining. Don't wait too much longer.
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    Just wondering if there is anyone planning a trip from Vancouver to Sayulita in the near future. We have a small birthday gift for someone living in Sayulita.
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    We are looking to buy a chest style or a stand up style freezer.
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    Friends are always asking me why I love sayulita and what should they do while they are here. Here is a list of some of the things we feel should make your to-do list. 1. Eat at the taco stands for a buck a piece. We love Ivans and Naty's. 2. Rent a quad and go watch the sunset at Playa Carricitos; pack a picnic dinner and a bottle of champagne. 3. Have a churro from the back of the churro truck. Yum! 4. Absolutely go ziplining with Rancho Michaparrito. Only 5 minutes from town and a terrific fun ride! 5. Go to Rollies' for mimosas and HUGE pancakes. 6. Get a surfboard and go play in the waves. Be a kid again and laugh like crazy! 7. Hop in a golf cart and head to Don Juan's for a wonderful romantic dinner. Over on the Punta de Mita highway. Fabulous Caesar salad!! 8. Drink your daily calories with a cup of fresh squeezed jugo naranja from a juice cart. 9. Have a margarita at Aaleyah's- tequila right out of the barrel, and it will knock you on your smile! 10. Go to ladies' night at Fajita Banana- beer and cocktails are a buck a piece, and be sure to have some fantastic BBQ ribs. 11. Visit Sayulitanimals to see the awesome work they are doing here. Offer to be an escort for a dog going to a forever home in Canada. So easy to do!! 12. La Rustica- Pizza- Fabulous!! 13. Keep an eye out for the Dancing Horses. A sight not to be missed. One of my fondest memories. 14. Have a true italiano gelato at Buonissimos, right in the square. 15. Shop for your souvenirs right here in town. The selection and prices are similar, and quite often better, to what you would find in the big city of PV. 16. Try the guacamole everywhere you go. Our faves so far: Capitain cook, on la playa, and Mary's Tacos. 17. Head over the bridge to Trattoria Toscano, for some pretty spectacular homemade goat cheese filled ravioli. 18. Visit the San Pancho farmers' Mercado and EAT your way around the market. And if you are there for dinner, go to Los Arbolitos, a new family restaurant with (in our opinion) the best tacos and quesadillas in the land! 19. Walk, walk and walk! Just strolling from the south end of the busy beach area to the north end, nearly deserted beach area is beautiful. And you can stop at Miramar for one of Eric's terrific margaritas, if you need a little sustenance! 20. Finally, treat yourself, at least once, to a romantic dinner at Villa Amor. Excellent wine, super food (the parmesan bowl for the Caesar salad is ridiculous!) and unrivaled atmosphere. The view from our Oceanside table was magical. Ask for one of the three tables overlooking the water. And get there before the sun goes down to take in the stunning view of Sayulita. I hope you all enjoy everything this lovely town has to offer as much as we have, and will again, and again.....
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    Just thought we'd throw this out... we'll be leaving this Paradise on May 1st to catch a 2:50 PM flight home from PVR. I asked a cab driver today what the cost is... and apparently it's $500 pesos. We'd take the bus but have 4 suitcases and 2 backpacks. The $500 pesos is actually cheaper than our cab ride back from the airport when we get home ... just thought I'd throw this out. Thanks, S&D
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    Hola all, Does anyone know what kind of tree it is that all the iguanas hang out on? Also, what's the name of the restaurant behind it? I think it's owned by a Torontonian, not sure if that's still the case and if it's still open (I recall it suffered quite a bit of damage in the storms of 2010). Muchos gracias for your help!
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    I will be staying in Sayulita for the entire month of July and I am looking for day camps for my children (ages 10 and 12) so that they can have a spanish immersion experience while also having fun. They already are fluent in comprehension and need some brushing up on their verbal skills. I'm looking for a camp where the instruction is in spanish and at least some of the kids are mexican. Has anybody had any experience with something like this? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    could someone recommend a great place that's not too crazy expensive? thanks in advance!
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    Take a drive north - approx 50 minutes...right on the beachfront in the little plazita, Chacala now has a small (for now) little tiangui going on this morning and every Saturday. Delicious food, hand made crafts and today a circus performance! Nice beach day out there too. www.nayarit4fun.com
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    Hola...we are planning to build a suite over our garage and are offering a weeks stay in our lovely Casa very close to beach on north end for a design of this suite/casita...we already have a builder...it would be a one bedrm with deck on the garage...please email us via Sayulita life if you are interested
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    Date: February 20, 2012 Location: Futbol Rapido Event Center - La Penita de Jaltemba Time: Doors open 3.30 pm. Play starts at 4.30 pm sharp and will run until 10.00 pm Los Amigos de Jaltemba is hosting the first Annual Jaltemba Hold'em Poker Tournament. There will be only 250 players and two levels of play with a 70% pay out so get your tickets early. Advance tickets, available until February 15th only, are $450 and $250 pesos which includes your buy-in. Spectator tickets are $100 pesos. All advance tickets sold will include two drink tickets. There will also be two 50/50 draws, a full bar and food available. Tickets will be available at Xaltemba Restaurant in La Penita and at the Los Amigos Tianguis Booth in the Plaza. Parking is very limited. Cabs are advised.
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    Its Time! My house is done and it's time to shop for home funichure's. I've been told to drive to Tonalas for iron four poster beds. Any ideas?
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    Planning to come back down in March for a month or 2 and get married. Haven't gotten to the details about the wedding yet... for now, just looking for a reasonable rate somewhere with a bit of a view of the beautiful bay. One bedroom is cool, but would consider a 2 bedroom. Any help would be appreciated. Gracias, Steve & Deb
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    Could some one please give me an idea of what it cost to visit a Dr. in Sayulita? Thankyou!
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    Hey there- hoping someone can let me know today's rate for US dollars to pesos at the Casa de Cambios, preferably on Revolucion (closest to where we're staying). Last year, on the advice of a couple of websites, we exchanged our $$ at the airport (after we had been told that the airport had the best rates), and were surprised and dismayed to see noticeably better rates at the Casa de Cambios once we got to town. Gracias! --Shane
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    Folks, do any of you have recommendations for both an excellent plumber and tiler (floor and wall ceramics)? I'm grateful for any leads. Thanks.......
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    This will be my family's 2nd stay in Sayulita. Last December, our daughter (who will turn 2 next month) was strictly doing diapers, but these days she loves her time on the potty. We can, of course, bring the potty to Sayulita, but I was wondering if there is another option. Not sure if Mexican kids even use a potty for potty-training (maybe a potty seat or something else?), so not sure if this is even something commonly seen. In a perfect world, some enterprising soul would have a "kid stuff rental" business for beach toys, potties, cribs, pack-n-plays, and all that other bulky stuff people would rather not carry. So -- anyone have ideas where I'd be able to rent/borrow a potty from Dec 4-22ish? If not, are they available at Mega or Wal-Mart on the way to Sayulita? Rough price estimate? Just trying to figure out if it's worth lugging her "home" potty. Thanks!
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    Can a person bring their own modem/router and connect it up, or will only the equipment from TelMex work?
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    Hey out there. Been a member for awhile but couldn't find my old info. Questions: (and if they've been answered, sorry I looked) If I am driving my truck down in Dec and receive a tourist card at the border. Can I then fly home for a week, then fly back and drive home in the spring? Is there any way of making that happen? special arrangements at the immigration office? I could always fly down and back etc, but wanna have my truck. Next, as I am driving down I would like to bring some items. I have looked at the standard list of duty free imports. My question would be regarding bringing a used fridge, used gas grill and a used washer and dryer. They would be for a property that I will be living in and I would like to leave them down there. what are my chances? Tariffs? As happens so many times in Mexico I have received different answers to the same questions so if you KNOW the answers to the questions and don't just THINK you KNOW then I would appreciate your imput. PS I LOVE SAYULITA!!!
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    Anyone go to the Sayulita Preserve cocktail party yesterday ? Any news besides what you can learn on their website. Seems like a very large project which could impact the village quite a bit.
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    I would like to add some fotos of my brother, who died in 1984, to the annual offrenda in the Sayulita plaza. Who do I contact ? TIA, Camille
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    looking for recommendations for both, pls post your recommendations here or PM me, thanks!
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    Hi We are visiting Sayulita from October 20 to October 28. I heard a rumour their was a gym there offering one or a combination of Kickboxing, boxing, karate or Muay Thai. I am an experienced amateur fighter, looking to train while on holidays. Does such a thing exist in Sayulita, or even nearby? Thank you
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    I have to agree with Sue & Rue. If you're going to move to Mexico, you probably need to expect it to be, well, Mexico. Shutting down unruly clubs is one thing, but the gas and fruit trucks are part of the daily life of this place. They are Mexican. To expect it to change because a bunch of expats wish it were quieter is kind of imperialist.
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    Hello World, I just wanted to drop a line to let everyone know that Sayulita Sailing Explorations is a great group and Darrin Rath is a great captain. I have gone on the Sailing Adventure 3 times this year. I went with my son, my girlfriend and her two kids (teenagers) in March. I went again with just my girlfriend in July, and I went again with the kids and the girlfriend and the girlfriend's whole family in December. The reason I went back three times to the same company is that not only was a great time had by all, but the seamanship skills possessed by the captain inspire a great confidence that everything will turn out well. The trips that I went on with family members were great adventures that did not get out of control with partying, and, although alcohol was served, the ship's crew did not get drunk but stayed sober in order to give the customers the opportunity to have some fun. On the other hand, when I went in July with a wedding party, all adults, it was a great party scene for the customers, but again, the crew stayed sober and allowed the customers to get loose. In other words, the crew of the ship takes their sailing and customer safety responsibilities seriously. The kids with whom I have sailed have ranged in age from 3 years old to 17 years old. It was safe for all of the kids (although I wouldn't take babies on a sailing trip). All the customers were friendly and everybody watched out for the kids. In addition, the captain allows the kids and adult customers to steer the boat, help raise and lower sails and otherwise participate in handling the boat. This wasn't a requirement, some people didn't help sail but just relaxed. Additionally, customers who were uncomfortable swimming to the island, or who didn't know how to swim were ferried to the island by kayak. Once I even remember Darrin carrying a non-swimming customer (with life preserver) on his back as he swam her in to the island. That shows commitment. Darrin wants everyone to safely enjoy themselves. The crew of the Sayula 1 are also friendly, English speaking Mexicans. Their help is a big reason why the trip is so fun. From preparing the breakfasts and lunches to opening beers for you, or helping to put on snorkeling equipment, Pancho, Vato and Cory are a great help and fun to hang out with and talk to also. I highly recommend that you take a sailing adventure with Darrin Rath and the Sayula 1 and its crew. By the way, Darin also does charters, so if you are interested in chartering the boat to go to Yelapa or some place other than the Islas Marietas, he's good to go. Next time I am in Sayulita, you can bet that I will be going back for my fourth sailing adventure with Captain Darrin and the Sayula 1. Sean Greening from Santa Barbara, California
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    Caracterizado por su energia y carisma, DESDE MAZATLAN PARA SAN PANCHO, WILLIAM VILLASENOR, conocido como "THE WILD SHAKER", uno de los mejores expositores de coreografias de ZUMBA nos estará deleitando con sus movimientos, entusiasmo, energia y bailes de ZUMBA este LUNES, 3 DE FEBRERO A LAS 5PM EN LA PLAZA DEL SOL DE SAN PANCHO. Vengan todos a participar a esta MEGA CLASE DE ZUMBA, a divertirse y quemar un poco de calorias. El boleto de participación será unicamente de $50pesos. Puedes checar la pagina de William: http://gvillasenor.zumba.com Characterized by his energy and charisma, all the way FROM MAZATLAN TO SAN PANCHO, WILLIAM VILLASENOR, known as "THE WILD SHAKER", one of the best choreographers of ZUMBA will be delighting us with his movements, enthusiasm, energy and ZUMBA dances this MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd AT 5PM IN THE SAN PANCHO PLAZA DEL SOL. Everyone is invited to participate in this MEGA ZUMBA CLASS, come have fun, dance and burn some calories. The ticket to participate is only $50pesos. You can check out his webpage: http://gvillasenor.zumba.com
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    I have a Verizon HTC Android Incredible II. It needs to be Flashed, or whatever it's called (I'm very high-tech, right?).... anybody local who does this? Telcel stated it needs to be done fore their cards to work.
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    Hi, Your "complete" list of surf schools is missing Tigre Surf School and Lunazul Surf School. That's cool that you charge money for surf schools to appear on your page, but simply take the "complete list" away from the sentence. You guys only list schools that pay you to appear on the page. Sincerely, Kalle Carranza
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    Sayulita has a fabulous new home delivery service. You can order groceries, meals from most restaurants all over town and all will be delivered to your doorstep. Look for info in your rental home welcome guides.
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    just 10 minutes north of Sayulita is lovely San Pancho (San Francisco) HOTEL CIELO ROJO & BISTRO ORGANICO, in the heart of San Pancho offers a SWEET VALENTINE SPECIAL _ if you stay two nights or more during the Valentines week ( from Monday 11 to Monday 18, Feb) a Valentine's dinner for TWO is included! (the special dinner is available on the 14th, 15th and 16th of Feb). Bienvenidos Les invitamos a una cena de Valentin (14, 15 o 16 de Feb) incluido en su reservacion de dos noches o mas adentro de la semana 11 a 18 Feb en nuestro hotel. www.hotelcielorojo.com Valentines Menu 2013 Love and Romance in Hotel Cielo Rojo Our Valentine's Menu will be available from Thursday, February 14th, to Saturday, February 16th. Join us for a romantic evening and an exquisite meal that you and your loved one will not soon forget. Valentine’s Day menu 2013 Appetizer Nem Cuon (raw spring roll) with sweet and sour sauce ~ First Course Oriental soup with shitake mushrooms, spinach and bean sprouts ~ Second Course Grilled mahi mahi with baked vegetable roots (carrots, beets, potatoes) and mango sauce or Vegetable curry with almonds, basmati rice and flatbread ~ Third Course Chocolate cake with coconut and pecan filling 350/450 includes cocktail & Wine Pairing, per person Valentine's Day reservations are booking up quickly! Please call the restaurant for availability at (311) 2584-155. Prefer to celebrate with your love the weekend following Valentine's Day? Our special Valentine's Day menu and wine pairing will be available on Friday, February 15th, through Saturday, February 16th 2013, during the Valentine's Day weekend .
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    Could someone let me know if there is a place in Sayulita where I can purchase vitamins, and powdered stevia? Thank you!
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    i haven't found an outdoor basketball court yet.if there is one ,where?if not where would the closest one be?just wanna shoot some and maybe get in on some pickup games.thanks in advance
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    This morning we found out the hard way at SFO that the Mexican Government now prohibits airlines from allowing pets in the cabin. After struggling up to the check-in counter with 6 weeks worth of luggage and house supplies, we were told that our little dog and his soft carrier box would not be allowed on board. We have been flying with our pets for years this way. We were given the option of stowing him in baggage, but of course we did not have the required hard carrier with locks. Truth is, we wouldn't put him in baggage anyway, but that's beside the point. So, we had to take a cab back to Berkeley with all our stuff and try to figure out what to do. In a later call with Alaska Air, we were told that this ban was imposed just this past Friday night. They said they had made an effort to contact people with pet reservations but we received no such warning. They also expressed surprise that the Mexican government would take this step. They suggested that it might be a reaction to some kind of animal health problem and that it could be temporary. Does anyone know what is going on with this? This was a major inconvenience for us, to say the least, and we wanted to spare others this very unpleasant surprise.
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    Ill be headed down mid-Jan. Looking for a caravan.
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    Friends staying at our place in Sayulita lost their camera on their last day of vacation. It's a Nikon compact camera in a black case with strap. Please, if you have found the camera, get in touch with me. Or if you want to keep the camera, that's fine, but please, please let my friends have the memory card that holds ALL of their photos from their three-week vacation. It would mean so much to them if they could have it back. contact: info@xocotla.com MUCHAS GRACIAS A TODOS! David
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    Flor Mimo in Sayulita is excellent
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    I have met quite a few people from the States and Canada coming to Mexico to have dental work done. Mexico has some excellent doctors and dentist where procedures cost much less and your recovery time is in paradise. I met many Canadians in Dr. Adrians office in Bucerias who were having cosmetic work performed.