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  2. Sayulita WiFi is just getting into this business too. They have a plan where you can contract with them to maintain the panels.
  3. Contact Frank O'Grady in La Cruz. He does solar installation. Find him on Facebook
  4. Hola Amigos, I am a vacation rental owner and my CFE is increasing considerably. I am hesitant to install anything "high tech" and try to keep things as simple as possible but Sayulita would be ideal for clean power from the sun. Who has experience with generating solar energy? My pool is heated by the sun and is not part on my electrical grid. I am interested in solar energy to replace or supplement the electricity usage of AC and lights. Are the panels resistant to our hot and humid environment (and the occasional iguana on the roof), what about maintenance (are technicians available?), and the repairs (parts are available)? Muchas gracias!
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  6. Hey. I tried clicking on the Contact form but it gave me a 500 error. I'd like to delete my account and history. Is that possible?
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  8. Hi Is there anyone heading down from Canada or US over the next few weeks that could take a very small item with them? Stormsam
  9. I don't have a pressurized system, but I have many friends who do. You won't have a problem finding the equipment or an installer. But if you buy a home which doesn't have proper plumbing to handle the pressure, you will have a problem and will have to dig into walls and floors to re-plumb. And no, all flat roofs don't leak. Mine doesn't.
  10. Hola Chrystal, It's true, this past season we saw an estimated 21k national visitor to Sayulita however many "issues" that American and Canadian tourists experienced during the high season (holiday season) this year was not a huge problem due to the fact that the town came together (both expats and nationals) to keep the town clean and safe. For example, there were many port-o-porties set up around the town to ensure the sewer systems wouldn't be over it's capacity. There were 3 main beach clean ups daily to ensure the town and beaches were clean of all trash. And trash bags were handed to visitors to encourage them to clean up their trash. To see an extensive list of the efforts made from Semana Santa in 2017, you can view here: Semana Santa for 2018 starts on the 25th of March and Ends on the 1st of April. You will see visitors coming a week before and leaving about 3-5 days after. The ocean water is not affected by Semana Santa. If anything, Semana Santa was cleaner than it was in Sayulita over the holiday season. The riverbed by the ocean is smelly but that is due to an entirely different subject of the water plant that has plans to be fixed once enough funds are raised. You can read about the town infastructure project here:
  11. You need to test the system to handle 60 psi. Many might not and pressure does not mean volume. Most places have 1/2" plumbing with corrosion to further reduce volume. All flat roof houses leak. Most electrical is ample for simple needs. Sewer plumbing usually has no traps so a lot of odor and so on and so on.
  12. We plan on being owners in Sayulita in the very near future and from what I have seen, most homes do not have Water Filtration and rely on gravity fed systems. Does anyone know if there is a local plumber or water contractor that specializes in something like this? Ideally, I would be looking to pressurize the system to 60-70psi and add a filtration system to it to make the water drinkable from the tap. Has anyone done this and if so, what are you experiences?
  13. Hi, I'm looking to get married in beautiful Sayulita April of 2018. We were going to book our wedding date for April 12, 2018. I've heard a lot about Samana Santa and everyone advised not to come during that time. Does it end on April 1? If so when does it start to go back to normal? Our guest will be staying from April 7-14 2018. Also how is the water after it, beaches and the sewer system(does it smell)? Some people warned me that this beautiful town is not set up for the 20,000 visitors that come to it during samana santa so the town gets trashed and the sewage system is not set up for that many visitors, so the ocean gets polluted. I'm just afraid of the town not being the same as I saw it in May. Thanks so much in advance!
  14. Hola Morganb! Take a minute to check out Sayulita Life - there are hundreds of amazing vacation rentals that fit your needs. You can plug in your check in/check out dates and your desired budget. I went a head and took a look at what's currently available. People tend to book their christmas/new years stay in Sayulita up to a year in advanced so you'll definitely want to book something soon! Here are the results for what is currently available during those dates with your price range:[]=999&search_attributes2[]=3&list_mode=2&search_locations2_unchecked=&search_check_date=1&search_bedrooms2=4&min_price=&max_price=400&season_price=
  15. I would suggest becoming familiar with the work and labor laws here in Mexico. Since you are not fluent in Spanish, getting you temporary or permanent resident card and permission to work will require you to hire a lawyer for translation purposes and to walk you through the necessary steps for obtaining your residency and becoming eligible to legally work in Mexico. All paper work will be in Spanish. You must also check online with what the requirements are for qualifying for your residency as it seems to constantly change. On there is a section of some highly qualifies legal services that can help you with any questions you may have and walk you through the process of becoming legal to work and live here in Mexico.
  16. I agree 💯 percent!
  17. Well, if you are seriously planning to move here within the next year, I strongly suggest that you sign up for some beginning Spanish courses now where you live, or online, or using language learning tapes, rather than to start trying to learn when you get here. You will find your experience much fuller if you actually can understand at least some of what is being said around you. Many people who come to Mexico on vacation assume that most of the local Mexicans speak English, simply because the ones who work in the businesses which cater to tourists do. I can assure you that the majority of Mexicans, even in a tourist town, do not speak English, anymore than the average American is bilingual.
  18. Hello. I appreciate your response, thank you! I do know I need a work visa in order to legally work. The reason why I'm reaching out on here is because I'm researching this in all different ways; many times, asking people who have made this same move are the best ones to ask, which is why I thought people on this site would be helpful. If you wanted to move to Chicago or Arizona, I'm more than happy to help you out as best as I can. Please know I do respect the country and the people and by saying 'willing to try and learn' means I literally will try my best to learn but I am American and have spoken English my entire life and I still have a lot to learn about my own language. Thank you again for your time, much appreciated.
  19. I do know the wage structure and I do know it's illegal to work unless you have a work visa. I don't understand the sarcasm built into your responses to a person trying to research and ask people who are familiar with the area.
  20. You need either a temporary residency with permission to work, or you need permanent residency, which doesn't require any special permission to work. Working in Mexico, at ANY job, unless you are working online for an out-of-country business, is illegal. It's great that you have your hearts set on moving to Sayulita, just make sure you inform yourselves of the laws and requirements. And if you are planning on moving to a foreign country, it would be respectful to do more than be "willing to try and learn" the language.
  21. Any job? Do you know the wage structure my friend? House cleaners make about $ 2.65 USD per hour. You still are not eligible to work.
  22. Mas informacion y precios
  23. You did read where I said I'm open to any job? But thanks for the amazing help, my friend.
  24. You can't legally work here. Sayulita has lots of yoga instructors and restaurant servers.
  25. Hi All! My husband and I have our hearts set on moving to Sayulita or the surrounding area within the next year. I am currently a corporate finance worker in Chicago (going on 17 years now) but am also a yoga teacher and have a lengthy background in restaurants. I'm not bilingual but am willing to try and learn and am open to nearly any jobs available. If there are any resources or other information/help you can provide, I would so greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much! Kari
  26. Renta por 2 meses, o 63 días. Iniciando día lunes 19 de Junio, al domingo 20 de Agosto. 2 habitaciones, cocina y un baño. Entre los 2 mil y 6 mil al mes.
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